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The CFP is open. We'd love to hear about your efforts to push the Linux user-space forward, or what you think is stopping that progress.
All Systems Go! wants to encourage and attract as broad an interest as possible from projects that are within its focus area while at the same time ensuring that we get submission and project involvement related to the following topics: service management, process isolation, monitoring & tracing, networking, debugging & tooling, security, etc.

The CFP for the event is officially open. If you are interested in submitting, please apply here:


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If you're interested in +Linux user-space technologies, we'd love to see you at All Systems Go!, the conference focused on open source projects that make up the foundation of modern Linux systems. - Oct. 21-22 in Berlin.
We’re happy to announce the launch of All Systems Go!, an +OpenSource community event catering to individuals and communities working on technologies at the foundation of modern +Linux systems, specifically, low-level user-space technologies.

There is currently no community event that is specifically aimed at the broad, but interconnected, spectrum of user-space technologies. #AllSystemsGo now exists to fill this void.

Please join us on October 21-22 for a weekend of high quality technical talks in the heart of #Berlin, Germany.

For more information about this event, please visit the

#conference #AllSystemsGo

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Some technical dabbling we're doing at +Kinvolk with #OpenShift and #WeaveScope.
We're looking into using #Linux traffic control to test apps on #Kubernetes using the awesome #‎OpenShift‬ and #‎WeaveScope‬ projects.

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Unfortunatly, the state of Google+ events is such that we've had to find another home for the Berlin open source meetup. It's now at and called "Berlin Open Source Eats-n-Drinks".

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Next week another CoreOS Berlin Meetup will take place. My colleague +Iago López Galeiras​​ will be talking about where #rkt is headed.

Oh yeah, we're hiring Linux engineers:
Come to the next CoreOS Berlin Meetup and win a ticket to CoreOS Fest in Berlin. Giant Swarm's Timo Derstappen will be talking about their newly open-sourced tools for CoreOS clusters and Iago López will be talking about where rkt is headed post 1.0.

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I never knew ppl were so against coops.

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That's right, Kinvolk is hiring! We're looking to add volks to our team in Berlin. Spread the word please.
Join the Kinvolk team! We're looking for good people to fill the following roles.

★ Linux Engineers to work on open-source Linux technologies
★ A designer to help beautifully present Kinvolk and the work we do
★ An assistant to help organize events and handle day-to-day tasks

Find out more on our careers page:
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