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Christopher Jackson

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Wahhayyyy! 60.4lbs dropped in 9 months! 😋😋😋

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+Sierra Lee thanks 😎 
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I'm sticking with Orzly! (Nexus 6,OnePlus, Nexus 6P & now the Pixel XL)

Very happy they now do 3d Tempered Glass protectors with curved edges 😋 
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Let us know how it fits with the glass and case :)
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Where's the Blue Pixel in the UK!? 
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+Piotr Rakocy yeah it's not cheap but 32gb is the same as what I'm paying now so that will have to do
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Christopher Jackson

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Finally took the plunge & ordered the new Sony MDR-1000X

Can't wait! 😋😋😋 
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Are fitbit devices now syncing on developer preview 3?

It was a big reason why I couldn't use dp2. 😉
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my mi fit works on dp3 and it didn't work on dp2😉
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Christopher Jackson

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Just ordered the Daydream VR (Slate) here in the UK!

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Still can't pre-order in Canada :(
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Nice read from Qualcomm,

Pixel features same DAC as the HTC 10,

HD Audio, Ultra HD voice, Really fast 600mbps Modem & much more.
Today, Google announced Pixel, the first phone made by Google. The 5-inch Pixel and 5.5-inch Pixel XL are among the first smartphones to be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor.
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I just hope it sounds ok out of the one non stereo speaker....
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Spigen Liquid Crystal Case has already arrived 😂

Heres a few photos, Also showing size comparison to my Spigen Nexus 6P case. 
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+Christopher Jackson - by "back cover" I of course meant the spigen case you have bought.

I "expected" nothing, which is why I researched it... ☺

It is only one tenth of a mm between them, but in my eyes the benefit of a lip from a phone case is it would prevent to some extent any impact on the screen ... if the screen had a lower profile. In this case, it wouldn't have.
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Battery life of the Pixel devices should be immense!

40+% greater than the 6P, which is already a device that gets me through the day 😋
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From Google +Sean Fordyce

Google do their own internal battery tests, the figures given are what they gave for the 5X/6P last year on the Google store & what they gave for their new devices this year also on the store.

All details are within the spec sheets of both. 
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WOWWWW Best in class Smartphone Camera!!! #pixel

89 DXOmark score. Actual boasting at the keynote! 😋😋😋 
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Hope the video stabilization is as perfect as they say considering no OIS
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Christopher Jackson

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Woo Hoo 4 stone! (56 lbs lost!)


Slowly winning this battle! 😂😂😂 
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To be honest, don't feel all that much different but it's certainly nice to get rid of it lol +Danny Woods​​​

Sure, don't get as tired when moving as much & my clothes fit better - but I was in a good enough place before I started, I wasn't miserable or anything.

Other people must notice more than I do though, as I do get the compliments these days, when I never used to, especially when I role out with some new gear on lol 😂

I'm definitely gonna keep it up, I wanna see where it goes to at that 1yr stage, it's all becoming a little addicting at the moment 😋 
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Absolutely hate spiders, but managed to snap this one through my window! 😎
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Don't worry .. I totally agree with you on both counts there! 😂 +John V Carroll​
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