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So I started out with MythTV as my backend PVR but switched to NextPVR since I was having long (10-30 sec) delays in the Guide and mini Guide on the XBMC side.

Well the grass isn't always greener on the other side. I was constantly having Tuner Connection issues with NextPVR so I decided to go back to MythTV and find out why I was getting these crazy delays.

Turns out it was the Channel Icons that MythTV was downloading during setup. I check the file size and some where over 800kb 1900x1200 resolution. Once I deleted my video source and added it back to the tuners, this time I didn't not download the icons, low and behold there is "0" delay in the guides.

So now I am back to MythTV Backend and XBMC cMyth Frontend. I am still working on getting mythicalLibrarian working so at the end of each recording it renames the files based on season and episode and send a message to the xbmc machine to update so it shows in the TV Shows section with all Art and Metadata.

Currently I have another project that grabs the video from the camera on the front door and shows it on the TV's in the bottom right corner when ever there is motion at the front door, I love this feature. When I get a chance I will upload a new video showing it.
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sorry I meant the wifi will generally only work with transcoding
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Chris Holcomb

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I installed Mythbuntu yesterday and got it working with my HDHomeRun Prime and was able to use the cMyth PVR client in XBMC on my MacBook, Windows PC, Rasperry Pi (OpenElec) and AppleTV (buffers a lot), Then I did something really stupid, I upgraded it from 2.4 to 2.7. Now the cMyth PVR client in XBMCwon't connect.

I read in the forums where you can get it to work by downloading the source and compiling it for the specific hardware but this is a little much for 4 different devices. Is there an easier way or is there a way to downgrade back to 2.6, the last stable build that worked with cMyth PVR addon in XBMC.
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I switched to using NextPVR on a windows PC for the back-end PVR.
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Chris Holcomb

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It works better if you install MythBuntu on an old machine to use as the DVR and use the PVR client on XBMC. You can see the results on my demo here: Live TV on XBMC W/ MythTv & HDHomeRun prime
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Thank you for the suggestion Chris! I will check out your video.  I went the evil Microsoft route given I have an Xbox 360 :). It's working great for me but I will take a look at other alternatives should that ever change.
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