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Here's one for all the new people getting into PC gaming. Graphics driver updates are important!
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Don't forget the follow-up about rolling back drivers when the newest release has a bug!
Rolling back? Ideally you can just entirely uninstall the previous drivers through the control panel then downlad and install the previous version. It's not always that easy though.
Umm, yeah. Especially if in newbie category. Android makes uninstalling updates easy most of the time. PC's are another story. Thanks for answer.
Like your proflile pic :-)
Great idea, thanks Joe! I may find a way to turn that into an article, too..
Looking forward to it Chris! It'd be a handy thing to keep bookmarked for sharing with less computer savvy folks.
Chris Hoffman Will I be able to play games like temple run on my pc if i install Official Android Emulator?
Technically yes, but the performance will probably terrible (like a slideshow). I'd go with BlueStacks
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