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People loved Windows 7 and upgraded to it much faster. Windows 8 made PC sales slow down. Microsoft would have been better off if they had left Windows 7 PCs on the shelf.

Yikes, even I didn't expect it to be this bad!
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I'm concerned about what effect stopping Live Mesh will have on my computer. It ties programs together. Do you know what will happen?
Nothing really, you'll just lose the file sync features. Microsoft wants you to install SkyDrive instead.
Hey Chris.. I have some questions about bash commands with Linux.. partitioning, lvm, etc...
What is the difference between Live Mesh and SkyDrive?
Will the programs still sync with the email, fax, journal?
SkyDrive is just the file sync portion, other programs like Windows Live Mail will still sync with Hotmail, etc.
Win8 design push us away. And Windows 7/Mac works perfect.
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