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It may be counter-intuitive to those of us who grew up when computers had a lot less RAM, but high RAM usage is good!
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I just read your article at HTG on Why Windows Can’t See All Your RAM.  I am running XP Pro SP3 32 bit.  I don't seem to be able to find where to see how my RAM is being allocated.  Is it possible on my system?  
When I assembled this SATA build, I was told there was no way 32 bit OS would see all 4GB of RAM I had installed, your article suggests I could, except if there is allocation to another device.  Under System properties 2.75GB RAM is showing.  I have 4GB installed on a Gigabyte MA780G-UD3H.  I'd love to find out if I am using maximum of my RAM.  Also, XP Pro can't recognize my SATA HDD as SATA.  Can you point me to a tutorial on how to get full benefit of the SATA HDD?  TIA.  Hope you had a  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!
John Gurvitch
Holyoke, MA
I'm actually not sure about that; I haven't used XP in a long time. You can certainly compare the amount reported in your BIOS to the amount shown in the operating system.
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