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A great example of a new business based entirely on Google+ Hangouts.....

#awesome #cooking #hangout #business #ventures is where you’ll meet chefs from all over the planet as they lead cooking classes via Google+ Hangouts, where up to 10 people, can talk face to face, via their webcams. Learn our chefs...
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Wait, wait, wait. My brain can't handle the concepts of "British" and "edible food" in the same paradigm.
Lol, you need to get out more ;)
What is this "out" you speak of? Is that where the Fire Orb lives?
All I see is a giant breeding ground for mosquitoes and bacteria.
Not so much, that's the Lake District in northern England. Not an ideal climate for mosquitoes ;)
Pray tell, what is Northern England an ideal climate for?

Also, I call shenanigans. I say sky in the image. The UK doesn't have one of those.
Huh. Looks just like the Lesser North American Blowhard. (The Greater species is known by the orange coloration and duck-like expression). Oh, the commonalities of our homelands.
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