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A few free assets and a video showing the use of those to design space ships (side or top down) quickly and easily.

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Here's the lasted video tutorial - a collaboration with Nathan Lovato - combining Inkscape vectors with Krita for light, shading and detail

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I just did the last touchups to the next tutorial video - a collaboration with Nathan Lovato from We created a game asset creature - a kraken - in inkscape and krita. I did the character design in my tutorial and Nathan took the elements and did the "paintover" in krita to add shading, colour and detail.

Looking forward to a combined release later today.

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After a long time without a tutorial, here is a quick one on making simplified hands using rectangles and lines.

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It just makes me sick to see the bullshit that is happening at the moment. Jumping on the bandwagon is one thing but copying the game and the art to increase the chances of an install by the users looking for the proper game is just plain wrong.
The open ways of google play and in a limited way even itunes app store are what is wrong with game development these days.

I worked hard to give the game "Super Crossbar Challenge" a decent look and feel. Pedro and myself and as of late also Dan, Clive and Budhi have worked hard to make it a success on itunes.

Now this punk comes along and takes the look and feel, the name and the way the logo is designed and makes a horrible copy of it.

For what? A few bucks in his pocket, a short ego trip to rip of a hard working indie team or a bit of fame that his own game would not get without copying someone work?

I am might pissed off - even though it happened several times before - but to see your work mangled like this hurts... and the fact that being copied means you did a decent job does not help.

I asked the programmer politely to remove the app... if you know "Kyle Amazing Sports games" or Kyle Peters, please make him see that although it may be worth wasting his energy copying other developers hard work it is not however a victimless crime. It preys upon the developers willing to risk failure to create something new and exciting for players.

#indiedev #indiegames

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Got covered on - what a nice surprise

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Space ships revisited - a side on fighter done in Inkscape using rectangles and the node tool.

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Super Crossbar Challenge will be launching soon on the appstore. We are looking for testers.

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Tips and tricks on improving your character design.

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SuperBotBox - body parts and spine animation
Here are the FREE [public domain] files for the first video tutorial on cutout animation using spine on .  The file has been created in inkscape v0.91.  Enjoy!   download the  ZIP archive
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