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Evie's school pictures.

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Asher Solomon Heilman
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Because it was asked:

Ok, quick sketch of Dungeon World & Demigods, playing a god-blooded, cinematic hero in Dungeon World.

1. Pick a mantle.  Storms, Love, Commerce, whatever. Think about when it comes up, and make sure the answer is enough to be satisfying.
2. Gain a "mantle die".  It's a d6.
3. When you make a roll where the fiction includes your mantle helping, roll the die as a bonus (which is to say, roll 3d6, but keep the best two for determining your total).
For example: if my mantle is storms, and I describe my sword crackling with lightning as I attack, that merits a bonus.
4. When you make a roll where you directly interact with your mantle, add your mantle die to the roll.
For example, if I am defying danger on the deck of a ship that is pitching in a storm, I roll and keep 3 dice.
5. You're divine, so that mantle die is rolled and kept on all death & Dying rolls.
6. All successes greater than 12 are cinematic.  This may have no mechanical effect, but you get to be totally awesome in the fiction. 
7. You can perform a divine action, calling upon your divine parent or godly nature in accordance with your mantle, effectively declaring a truth within its domain. You cna do big stuff in this regard.  When you do this, you tax your mantle (mark it with a checkbox).
8. A taxed mantle drops a die size. That makes it a lot less useful. If it's already a d4, then can still be taxed, but doing so drops it to 0
9. Untaxing a mantle requires one of two things.  The first is participation a major religious ceremony appropriate to your godly nature.  These are unlikely to happen more than once a week, but can untax a mantle one step.
10. Alternately, you may bask in the mantle.  The exact form this takes depends on the mantle, but you must spend some time chasing storms or pursuing romance.  When you bask in your mantle, roll +WIS.  On a 10+, your mantle is restored. Yay!.  On a 7-9, your mantle untaxes  one step OR your mantle is fully restored, but you lost yourself in it for a time.  You either did something or accepted a geas or obligation, though you may not remember what. 
11. It is possible for mantle dice to be bigger than d6, but that is outside of the scope of this. 

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These autogenerated stores are pretty sweet.

Google CodeJam registration starts today!

+Evanda Remington

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I ran through the #HourOfCode  yesterday, and it's a fantastic introduction to programming.  It's themed a little young (probably middle school/junior high), but the ideas are real programming, and it's a great resource for anyone looking to start learning from scratch.
Yesterday, launched the #HourofCode initiative to encourage more students to try computer science. 

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Capturing that one DRM-secured sale: It's okay.

Encouraging discovery and sales growth through a DRM-free strategy: It's better.

I'm "shocked".

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Don't have many pictures on my phone, I'll have to get more up later.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)
Thanksgiving 2013
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