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Not sure how I feel about the #newgoogleplus layout. Half of me is "augh, change", the other half is "oh, interesting", and that mutant eleventh toe is all "wow, that's a lot of whitespace".

More borders, too, which I don't know if I'm nuts about yet. I'll give it a bit before passing judgment.
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Mutant Eleventh Toe is best Eleventh Toe.
I like the borders. It keeps everything nice and compartmentalized.
I have to admit, my initial take is I don't like it. I'm finding it harder to navigate my circles now. I liked the nice list down the left side, now I've got more clicking involved :(
I just hope it lets me hide the 'you may know' and 'you may like' panels I get right now - thanks Google, I really don't need you suggesting random people to me all the time. Keep my page clean!
Just got it: First immediate thoughts: not good. My Monitor is massively wide so I have over 50% of the screen as white space. Comments on a darker background is bad, although I like the lack of borders between them. The grey bar on the left is ok, but it takes up space. I prefer the amount of white on the old one, it was cleaner and nicer, whereas this seems more of a throwback to 90s desktop apps.

In particular, this new layout adds too much in the way of 'non-content'. For all their talk of full width photos, they should be emphasising content more. Move the left bar out of the way, move the list of people out of the way, move the 'you may know' out of the way, just put my feed front and centre and clear out everything else.
I agree on too much white space, but then again, I look at the page on a 2560x1440 display...
It's just as bad on 1680x1050, I can assure you...
My MacBook Air's screen is too large now. Wait...what?
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