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Bastion is on sale for $6 on Steam today.

If you haven't played this yet, you really owe it to yourself. What a wonderfully fresh, enjoyable gaming experience.

You can play the demo directly in Chrome first, if you want:
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Nothing makes a trailer seem more epic than a gravelly stranger's narration over some thoughtful western guitar.
I've already played through the entire game with my boyfriend, but it's totally worth $6 to own it myself, too. The soundtrack by +Darren Korb alone is worth more than that.
Ben Lai
Bastion wins the "Best Soundtrack of the Year" award for me
I was honestly not super impressed by the brief bit of the gameplay video I watched, but all these raves convinced me to buy it. Now to install and play.
Yea, this one threw me. I wasn't expecting much, but once I started playing it, I couldn't put it down. The story and style together draw you in and never let go.
It's gorgeous. I don't even like platformers. The story is compelling, but it's mostly the narration that holds it together. Buy this.
Okay this game is awesome. And the narrator is hilarious.

I really need a usb gamepad.
My favorite part about the narrator is how you can sometimes milk extra phrases out of him. There's at least one point if you just stick around one spot and smash pots, he'll talk about it in his usual hysterical style.
Ben Lai
I had built up such a mental image of the narrator, then I saw a photo of him. Talk about mental dissonance =)
I'm basically picturing Sam Elliot from Big Lebowski
The soundtrack is absolutely worth grabbing as well.

I imagine it will be a while before we hear what Supergiant has planned next (they're an extremely small studio, to my understanding) but I have high hopes for their future. I also want to hear Logan Cunningham to become the next NOlan North.
Giantbomb had some excellent videos where they talked to the staff and had them record their endeavors making the game, think there were only 4 or 5 of them plus some contractors. Building the Bastion is the name of the series, though some reason that doesn't find part 1...
Ben Lai
I second the soundtrack grabbing suggestion, It's actually very very listenable outside of the context of the game and I utterly love the final duet.
Huh, so if you don't own the game on steam, you can't take advantage of the discount on the album by itself (I have Bastion on XBLA). That's so dumb.

I got all four rows with single power-shots and then missed the final shot.


The lack of a "Restart Level" on the Bow Challenge really makes it annoying.
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