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Chris Hawks

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Just finished this single, massive level last night. (3 hours, 2100/2300 kills on the second-lowest difficulty.) Absolutely mind-blowingly amazing frustratingly frantic fun.
Slaughter maps aren't really my cup of tea. I like more of a slow burn -- a steady build to an epic climax. I like an even distribution of enemy types and a WAD that gives you reason to use the who...
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Part of me is so happy that people are still playing Doom, even if I'm not one of them...
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Chris Hawks

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This WAD is absolutely amazing.
A great Doom WAD is an emotional experience for me. I feel more invested in a good WAD than I do in 90% of videogames. The minimalistest story, some level design that makes me feel like I'm progres...
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On one hand, it's amazing that DOOM has held on so long.  I suppose when you have a community and a readily hackable product, people are less apt to just give it up.
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Father of three who loves reading, boardgames, and Transformers.
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I have the three cutest kids on Earth. You might think I'm exaggerating, but you'd be wrong.
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Great bed and showers. Breakfast was a good deal and quite tasty.
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reviewed 3 months ago
Good location, comfortable beds, very friendly staff.
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It's a good thing the food is tasty, because the service is consistently sloooooow. Once waited over half an hour after being seated before we got a waiter. As I write this, we've been waiting 45 minutes for our food, and there are only 4 other tables filled. Been coming here for 10 years, and it's always been like this.
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4 reviews
Clean, easy to check in/out, friendly staff.
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