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Today's Biff is just passing time.

Click this link for the full strip:
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Any way you could post these with more than just one panel? I often click on cartoons, but I find myself thinking of your posts as one-off illustrations, and I appreciate them but rarely click - just a suggestion.
They are single panel cartoons. They only ever have one panel.
Ah. Any way to include the text? They seem much more enjoyable with their text.
The link is great, but I'm betting a lot of people click on the picture instead. Sorry, I'm not trying to be annoying, just giving you some feedback - take it or leave it,
No problem, I'll go back to putting "Click this link for the full strip:" like I used to. I got out of the habit but I have a lot of new people circling me lately.
So... what prevents Google+ from showing the cartoon WITH the caption in its little graphics window?
Oh, I'm uploading them like that as a teaser to encourage people to visit my website. People visiting my website is how I make money to feed my family. :)
In that case, I hope I'm the anomaly, and most people are clicking on the link instead of the picture. With, say, xkcd's cartoons, I click on the link every time, because I can see the text but it's too small to read. With yours, I don't see any text, so I have to remind myself NOT to click on the picture (since so much of the web is built around clicking on pictures) but to click on the link instead. Hopefully your stats show that most people are clicking on the link. Take care, and keep up the good cartoons. :-)
Yeah it's a problem I have with G+
I can not make a picture link to a URL myself.
If I just add the link by itself G+ will pull in a tiny thumbnail of the comic that you can click to go to the website BUT it also pulls in my blog post from under the strip. When I used to do that people complained that the blog post was ruining the punchline before the had a chance to read the strip.

They add and change features around here frequently so maybe there's a new way I could do this that I don't know about?
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