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This was amusing (fyi - posting this using Chrome)
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Hadn't realized that Foursquare reached 10mm faster than either Facebook or Twitter... G+ obviously had a lot of built-in advantages over the others, but those advantages didn't equal success and explosive growth for Orkut or Buzz or other prior Google social media projects.
Brian Solis originally shared:
852, 780, 730, 16: Number of days to reach 10mm users by Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, G+...G+ now at over 20mm.
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Chris Hall

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This was amazing. (Don is not a known relation, but we've met him via events staged by WBEZ/Chicago Public Radio & his behind-the-scenes involvement with Wait Wait Don't Tell Me)
Saturday night, I participated in the 43rd Annual Liars Competition. It was comprised of ten storytellers telling bald faced lies and being judged on the quality of the lie. Here is the quick transcri...
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Chris Hall

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Jeremiah Owyang originally shared:
Early form Hybrid technology
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Another great win. Congrats to you and the whole US Soccer crew!
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Saturday night, I participated in the 43rd Annual Liars Competition. It was comprised of ten storytellers telling bald faced lies and being

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