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Chris Hall
Father to my wonderful son, Jaydon. I'm a big Star Wars fan, and a computer and technology geek.
Father to my wonderful son, Jaydon. I'm a big Star Wars fan, and a computer and technology geek.

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Over 98% of All WannaCry Victims Were Using Windows 7

Out of all Windows 7 users, the worst hit were users running Windows 7 64-bit edition, accounting for more than 60% of all infections.

#wannacry #windows7 #worm #malware #virus #computer #IoT

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Judge: It's OK If Best Buy's Geek Squad Nerds Search Your PC for Illegal Content

A judge presiding over a child pornography case that was set in motion in 2012 has ruled that users have no legal expectation of privacy when they hand over their computers to Best Buy's Geek Squad IT technicians.

#computer #networking #IoT #bestbuy #geeksquad 

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Newly Found Malware Uses 7 NSA Hacking Tools, Where WannaCry Uses 2

A security researcher has identified a new strain of malware that also spreads itself by exploiting flaws in Windows SMB file sharing protocol, but unlike the WannaCry Ransomware that uses only two leaked NSA hacking tools, it exploits all the seven.

#wannacry #hacker #NSA #malware #internet #computer

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'Safe and predictable' Windows 10 S won't run Linux, says Microsoft

Microsoft wants to clear up any confusion over two recent announcements. At the beginning of May it unveiled Windows 10 S, a fast-booting, locked-down version of Windows 10 that can only install apps from the Windows Store and is restricted to Microsoft's Edge browser.

#computer #windows #linux #IoT #browser #operatingsystem

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MalwareTech botnet tracker

Here you can view maps which display the geographical distribution of malware infection and time-series graphs of online and new bots (for fun there is a live map which will display a blip every time an infected computer pings one of my tracking servers).

#wannacry #cybersecurity #IoT #computer

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Windows 10S to lock out Google Chrome

Windows 10S will lock out downloadable programs unless they come from the Windows store. Google Chrome will be locked out, people will only be able to use the Edge Browser.

From Windows 10 S FAQ page...
"Windows 10 S works exclusively with compatible apps from the Windows Store."

From ZDNet...
"The Windows 10 S configuration locks it to the Edge browser. There are no other options for desktop browsers. That means Google Chrome, for example, won't run unless Google develops a Universal Windows Platform version of Chrome and submits it to the Store."

"Microsoft name-checked seven PC makers who will be selling Windows 10 S PCs, at prices starting at $189. Microsoft's own flagship Windows 10 S device is the Surface Laptop, also announced today, which starts at $999."

From theguardian...
"Any apps that are not currently available in the Windows Store will not be able to be installed or run. That includes Apple’s iTunes, Google’s Chrome browser and the full versions of Adobe’s Acrobat, Photoshop"

To unlock the ability to download and install these apps users have to buy and upgrade to Windows Pro.

#windows #windows10S #chrome #google #computers #IoT

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This green-eyed stray has decided to adopt my sister-in-law. I'm seriously considering taking it home.

#cat #pet #stray #greeneyes

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May the 4th Be With You!

#starwars #maythefourthbewithyou #r2d2

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Google said to be planning a built-in ad blocker for Chrome

Google is planning to add an ad blocker to Chrome, its web browser, and to possibly turn it on by default for all users.

#computer #google #adblocker #chrome #internet #ads #IoT 
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