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It's Friday evening on the Space Station! Time for a ride on the exercise bike (14,000 km), reheat dinner, and then photograph the world.
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dude you should be banned. its just too surreal! enjoy the ride!
looking forward for your photos! :)
Fiona C
You certainly have a different sort of Friday evening to me!
i hope its not like a flintstones car and you are actually powering the space station!
You have a view that MANY of us dreamed of as a child, and you made a reality.  Looking forward to your images of the world.
Is the bike position so you have a ride with a view? You know, you have a wonderful opportunity to help Google Maps up there  ;)
LOL! That's like my kids running across the Atlantic on a flight :)
Love the view of the world, that you provide for us all to enjoy. Thx
+Denise Anderson  I saw a photo were they show the packages, but my question is about what kind of method they use to reheat? a microwave? or what?
It occurs to me that stationary riding would present an opportunity to generate significant electrical power to the station.
Thank you for sharing your adventures with us!
Brilliantly downplayed. I just went out for dinner.
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