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It's Robert Burns Day! "If ye wish her gratefu' prayer, Gie her a Haggis!", but no space haggis, sadly.
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No space Scotch either, I imagine. Bummer.
"I imagine". I bloody hope not, don't want no drunk man in charge of heavy metal thing above me!
I will see if Comdev can work on that here! Just what every astronaut needs freeze dried Haggis! Add it in with their next bit of equipement.
Space Haggis? Sounds like a new Internet meme... 
I do find it a little odd that booze doesn't make it in to space. After all, if it weren't for alcohol to keep water clean, our ancestors would have never been able to go far from a river.
If you could breed haggis in space would you be able to make the legs the same length again? Everyone knows that haggis have the legs on one side shorter than the other because they live in the Scottish mountains! 
I think "Attack of the Ultra-Mega-Haggis from Spaaace!" will be the next Sci Fi movie of the week.  Or it should be.
+Paul Williams the space haggi would have one leg shorter as they only face one way in rotating around the earth.
+Chris Hadfield happy Burns day! Haggis, Scotch, Bagpipers... not sure any of them should make it onto the ISS.
Poetry though is what comes to mind, looking at your photos.

+Paul Williams it would be impossible to catch them!
Fiona C
Any day is a good haggis day!
Drew R
I had some for you Chris. 
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