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Another pair of dissimilar cities, this time a bit closer together. San Francisco and Los Angeles.
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Would love to see a Montreal VS Toronto comparison!
so awesome.  i love your posts!  :)  please hit the SF South Bay Area if you can and I'll wave!  ;)
+Johnny Zed You'll need to go back a few days, but they're there. I've had about 6 photos of them (3 each) posted here since starting out.

- Evan
Hah, thanks!  I'll go digging for them tonight when I get home from work.  Great of you to be our eye in the sky!
Earth shots are trully amazing and fascinating... I love that :)
Merci pour tous vos partages. je suis toute new sur G+ et je suis enchantée de vous ajouter dans mes élipses :)
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