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New York City shining by night. Central Park is visible from space, and maybe even the light on the Statue of Liberty.
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You can see them but they can barely see you.
Yes I can see my house.
these blue dots in the northwest... where are they belong to? btw awesome footage.
On the first glance I thought of shattered glass. 

This pic fascinates me.
It's been 24 years since I flew over New York and all I saw was illuminated clouds
Have those blue dots been added in?  Or are those lights?
The blue dots are likely malfunctions of the camera. Night pictures from ISS always have a lot of distortion, and the amount of dead pixels is always out of hand. I'm not sure exactly what causes the blue, but odds are it is a camera issue and not actually a part of NYC. Could be wrong, though.

- Evan
The blue dots aren't lights.  I'm guessing Evan's "malfunction" theory is correct.

Look how bright midtown is!
That is so bright! Especially just at the tip of Manhattan(I guess) past central park.
ok, but my "spacevessels howto" tells me its a landing-light installation.... who is right now ? lol
Pretty cool.  Didn't expect that Tarrytown would be that bright.  You can even clearly make out the Tappan Zee Bridge and most of the major highways, just from the lights.  I wonder how many lumens the NY metro area puts out...
Eric S.
imagine how much energy could be saved by turning out just 1/3 of those lights!
One evening I was on an airliner with my daughter (then about 5), who saw the lights of NYC and announced that we were looking at "Winter Wonderland." Every time I see a picture like this, now, I think of Winter Wonderland.
Of all the city lights I've seen in North America NYC definitely is the most recognized,however I haven't been there since before 9/11.
Ah man I miss NY already. I used to live there and now I visit there to see my father eery summer and other breaks that my school decides to have.
How big does a full moon look from space? Are you homesick yet?
Nice. Although I thought it was a cracked screen by just glancing at the image. 
Holy crap It would would kill to be in a job like that. You can see that just at work!!!!!
e.t phone home....if u look carefully youll see him
Awesome shot, Chris...guess you're not getting bored up there?
It's amazing how bright NYC is. It's a wonderful pic!!

Thanks for sharing with all of us here at G+
Funny, none of the three large airports have clearly defined runway lights.  Would have expected that.
The whitest part could be The Times Square area, and you have another down below, which could be the JFK International Airport. Nice pic.
Central park actually isn't. There are no lights just the outline from the surrounded illuminated area. The brightest of course it's Times square. If you ever been then you'll know why.
This is how much light Times Square gives off it can be seen from space!
Looks much better from space that it does at street level.
Genna D
this looks like smashed glass
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