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A river moves like a writhing snake. The view from space helps us see how - 28 years in 5 seconds (from Google Earth, link:,-74.13468,9.148,latLng&t=2.73)
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+Federico S, no news. More like, "Look how cool nature is."

The part where the rive bends so much that it meets itself and cuts of the part that's too bend is really neat.
Wow amazing!!  I had no idea it would change that much
earthengine seems to be a nice toy!
+Chris Hadfield. J'aurais bien aimée regarder votre post, mais mon IPad
Ne veut pas l'ouvrire,donc je ne peut le voir, c'est bien dommage. 
It's cool how you can imagine a little rivulet of water going down your car windshield doing the same thing (with different dynamics of course, but still). So somehow it's all about time scales.
Proof of meandering! 
Its taking the shortest path to its destination... very wise thought...
how can anyone express a "thumbs down" on this image? Can you clarify?
Fluvial geomorphology at work.   
I am to amazed all I have to say is "No comment"
Don't forget to catch the new Cosmos series, +Chris Hadfield! I'd love to hear what you think about it. Compare being in space to the latest popular attempt at making us understand space.

Tara Li
Fascinating!  I wish we could build a longer animation, perhaps with more frequent frames...  But we have to work with the data we have. :(
And this is why you never build on a flood plain or right on the banks of any river.  Sooner or later you will be in its way and you will lose.
Tara Li
Yeah...  New Orleans was a mistake.  And it's just been getting worse and worse and worse...
+Tara Li If the Mississippi River were allowed to take its natural course, she would be migrating back toward the Atchafalay.  New Orleans would eventually be left without her.
MOM doesn't need us US need MOM ,JUST SAYING
There is a video out there about how wolves change rivers in Yellow stone national park. I'd like to see that time-lapse.
I like the big flood-like event right near the 2000 mark that kicks the upper and lower parts of the river straight and the middle curves radically because of it!
Very cool, +Chris Hadfield!
اگر دولتها تفکر مصرف گرایی را اصلاح کنند. سال های بیشتری را زنده خواهیم ماند.
+Hamed Tavana how is this related to the natural change of the morphology of the surface of our planet dude?
This makes it easy to see how oxbow lakes and other features form over time. Nice earth science lesson!
The longer I look at this the more I like it. If one picture is worth thousand words, how many words is worth an animated pic like this?
I could prepare a lesson or two and all I would use would be this.
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