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Tonight's Finale: Haruna, a large and powerful tropical cyclone, wreaks clockwise destruction across Madagascar.
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La vérité a temps réel

Your images are beyond words +Chris Hadfield! Do you think you will ever be able to explain to anyone on the ground what it felt like to be there and see in person?
not the destruction...just the picture....
An awesome picture and finale :)
Grat picture ! !!! For a great storm !!!
That's a heck of a shot +Chris Hadfield. I don't think I would like to be under that storm, though. Thanks Evan! :-)
I just watched a u tube from NASA ! Wow Chris I see your pics in a whole different way! When a person is really ill ,& then u see pics like u send & meet amazing people ,like u,your son & some other great people I've met I know that God has blessed me & I know that our planet is so beautiful ,lucky r all of u ! Be safe & have a great night to all of u up there.:)
I would not so well on the iss, this picture makes me feel all topsy turvy. Beautiful shot though.
It's wonderful!
I'd love to see Brazil photographed there!!! If possible, when it happens, share for us to see?! Thank you.
I'm so jealous! My best bet of seeing something like this is buying a private ticket to space I the future.

However the fact that I can see what you see is pretty cool! 
I love how you inverted the photo this time, with the earth like a roof, it looms :)
I'm liking the different perspective of this shot too. 
Ferocious looking cyclone...nice to be on top of it ! Peace to you and that amazing crew up there Chris !  xox From Vancouver Island !!!
muchos chris absolutamente perfecto gracias (google translator )
Chris, your images are reminding me what "awesome" really means.
It would feel so sad watching history unfold from above..
All these dangerous are taking place in world so we need to some preventive measurement 
Rob Rey
I apreciate the pictures you take from space and share them with us. Nobody has done it before.
I like that Earth is above you in this picture.  We are all so use to it being down.  Love the perceptive change :D
i am thankful to you Mr. Chris Hadfield for sharing your pictures to us. by the way, is this is the eyes of a hurricane?
All the great danger below became amazingly beautiful from your viewpoint!
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