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Good (Friday) morning, Earth! Canadian-Russian radiation experiment today using bubble dosimeters. Plus fixing computers and ... plumbing.
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Greetings from Earth. I envy your view, even if the work is more tedious.
Throw some of that at the Leaders of North Korea just them I'm sure the citizens are fine,,
Gd morning Chris, thanks for all the wonderful pics and updates. What's your astronaut nickname?
+Chris Hadfield , I've always wondered if something needs fixing in the Space Station, there might be a good supply of spare parts and all, but there's no hardware store nor computer repair depot up there. How do you guys deal with maintaining equipment and managing parts for eeeeverything within the Space Station?
Bad news if the plumbing goes down up there!! No Home Depot to pop over too.
Do what I always do when I have problems with the plumbing in my apartment: Call my dad.
Plumbing problems could be the start of a horror story for you. Good luck!
Good morning +Chris Hadfield, I share your posts with my 9 year old daughter and she asked me if there are any women astronauts at the ISS now? +Evan Hadfield do you know? 
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