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Bowie's last day - we had permission for a year, so our Space Oddity video comes down today. One last look: Space Oddity
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I highly doubt doing a cover in space is bound by any legal authority. 
+deus ex machina Bowie or the record company owns the copyright, no matter where you do the cover. Sucks though, this was a great cover!
Really sad info :< It's the most impressive cover on the internet...
This makes me sad. This was amazing and should remain up.
Oh dear God no!! Please don't take this video down! I'm still directing people to this link to this day :(.
Mr. Bowie is a nice man. I'm sure he will do the right thing and extend permission to ground control.
<Immediately starts downloading a copy for future posterity>
Bowie ought to give you an unlimited online license. It might be one of the best advertisements for his work anyways.
Thank you this video, was the most inspiring music video that marked me.
+Aaron Kimmins I don't think there are laws (at least in the US) that can stop someone from covering a song.  It's protected under the constitution.
Can´t believe that. What a sad day....
Now you know why the aliens will never visit us. They already know that humans are nuts...
I strongly suspect it's not in David Bowie's personal hands, but in the hands of whatever company actually owns the rights. It's a lawyer move.
So, you can't continue due to Earth laws, but, uhm those laws only apply on Earth right? ;) Well, it was good as long as it lasted :)
Saw the video In the nick of time! Downloading now! 

I'm glad they gave you permission for a year!
This was one of my favourite bits from your tenure on the ISS, +Chris Hadfield - it was timely, relevant and indeed, magical.
Thank you :-D
Streisand Effect, go?
+Chris Hadfield you are a man of your word.  Wish it weren't necessary, but good of you to pull it. :)
Love all of the lawyers giving their expert opinions here.
A perfect union between the Space Oddity theme, the original artist, David Bowie, the famous Astro +Chris Hadfield, a musical artist in his own right, performing this cover in space aboard the ISS. Perhaps there is a way, yet to be realized, to extend the permission for this moving, fabulously unique cover song? We can wish upon a dream ... +The Voice +Carson Daly +Blake Shelton +Usher +Shakira +Adam Levine
You have to take this down?!??!? I am deeply saddened to hear that copywrite law trumps the ultimate intersection of art & science in my lifetime.  I'm disappointed in everyone that this isn't up forever.
aw. This was such a beautiful thing. 
I love this song.... ;(
Ok, then one last download. Thanks Mr. Hadfield for info, Mr. Bowie, just think about it.
So Mr Bowie gave permission for one year uh? He must be very proud. What an...
Thank you VERY MUCH for warning us it was about to disappear.
i wish there was somebody with enough money to pay for the royalties so you don't have to take down the song. Apple? Google? Microsoft? Bowie?
Thanks for the head's up on Facebook. This was wonderful! :)
If you like it, just save the video to your computer.
This is like a call to everyone to download and repost, unofficially. 
I am so sad to see this go--it's been a favorite to watch (and rewatch). Thank you for letting us know on Facebook, so we could get one more view. :)
Je regretterais cette vidéo. Ne plus vous voir flotter dans la station spécial pour chanter la musique de David Bowie. Mais j'espère que vous chanterez sur terre, pour le plaisir de vous voir joué de la guitare, et aussi vous entendre sur les ondes. Merci a vous . 
+Chris Hadfield Thankyou for the beautiful music, and the wonderful photos over the years, and for helping us appreciate what an amazing and fragile planet we live on. Thanks and bravo! :)
JP Lang
Fair play should cover continued use.

Agree with other comments: it's probably not David Bowie specifically putting a stop to this but his label and a legion of lawyers.
With a little luck and a lot of CONSTRUCTIVE, POSITIVE attention from social users around the globe, I bet the license can be extended. Channel your inner +Chris Hadfield and ask (politely) for a change! 
That's too bad. It was a great video. Thanks for making it.
I watched this video so many times. Goodbye and good luck!
There are ways to circumvent those nasty creatures we call lawyers ;).  The recording artist Keith Green once made a song available for free by attributing the royalties to the biblical King David. :)
Time to record another song next time you're up. Maybe get a female astronaut to join you on vocals to record Bif Naked's Spaceman
EXTEND IT, PERMANENTLY! So much Canadian pride of this video! We love you Chris! xox
thats because david bowie is an asshole lol
Which also means it's almost been a year .... +Chris Hadfield detach from station and I hope god's love has been with you. (as metaphore :) You are awesome.
I'm deeply saddened seeing these "laws" for copyright. What could Bowie or his label lose with this? If something, they could get some buyers for the original... this is just a "get off my lawn" kind of thing.

Oh, well, they just got this cover downloaded by a lot of people and probably reuploaded by some of those people. Serves them right for living in the last century.
this is the stuff of dreams, it feeds the imaginations of the future -- it really really needs to stay up!
Rocket man is just waiting for your treatment... Maybe Branson can send you up to your recording studio.
Shame - it should live on. Best ad for Bowie and a very good gateway to the rest of Bowie's material.
Will you follow this up with Ashes to Ashes?
In such case for the better of humanity I should promote piracy. 
Thank you Mr. Hadfield for the video, and for being a man of your word.  Thank you Mr. Bowie for allowing us to see this.
I saw it the first day it was posted and am privileged to view it one year later, on the day it is to be removed from YouTube. Thank you, Commander Chris Hadfield and David Bowie for giving us the pleasure, of hearing both renditions. 
we all need to DL it and re upload it.
+lactobacillusprime It has to do with the Canadian Space Agency and how long the video of footage from space can be online. They gave him one year. They are trying to revive it.
Thank you again sir.

It was generous of Mr. Bowie to allow us the pleasure of your most amazing creation and performance of his song.

We are all truly blessed to be alive during this period in time.
+Chris Hadfield Thanks for the nudge to watch it again before it is gone.
When I saw it for the first time it rekindled an interest in space.
+Aaron Kimmins
 Copyright law allows for parody. You could call this a parody of Space Oddity so in theory you wouldn't have needed permission at all (but it's courteous).
This makes me sad. :(  I love this version.
Thank you Thank you Thank you. This just makes my day! Absolutely incredible footage and what a wonderful song. Much better than the original :) Kudos!!
It's on the internet-it will still be around. 
Too bad.
Having the song performed by the commander of the ISS in orbit easily trumps any other performance on any other stage.
The Canadian rocket man made a nice piece of history there.
NO!!!!!! CHRIS DON'T TAKE THIS DOWN. It's a master piece! 
So sad that this has to come down :( But I will say it is an interesting reflection point for me. I was in a very different place, both in what I was doing and mentally, when I saw this video on it's release day. I wish this could stay up, it's a wonderful feat.
+JamieA350 I think parody is more like weird Al. This was a cover, he sang the song. He didn't change the music or the words. 
I'm sorry to see it go, but am thankful that you did it. And I agree with Tachyon - a year on I'm in so much of a different place. As they say, "don't cry because the music stopped; be happy because the music happened."
NOOO! WHAT THE HELL!!! It's a frickin' cover!
+Aaron Kimmins Well, there were some subtle changes to the beginning. "Lock your Soyuz (spacecraft) hatch...detach from station..."
reuploaders, web traffic-thefts, & downloaders at the ready.

& click.

sad to see this goes i just found this video too (from a friends link) 
It'll only be posted about a million more times anyways, once something is on the internet, it's forever on the internet.
Thanks again for this video. Great cover! It will be missed.
We've got your back Col, We'll make sure it's put somewhere to be brought back from time to time :D
Boo, Bowie's camp should just leave the rights with this so it can stay up, clearly one of the most epic music videos ever made.
Thank you again for this memorable and inspirational performance.
Sad this will be removed, there's nothing else out there like it!
Yet another ridiculous copyright oddity.
+Tomislav Muic No worries it's already downloaded, backed up and it will uploaded again but to some other site than google/youtube that is spying on it's users, want their ids, pictures, adresses, satelite images, phone numbers etc.
Dont delete it from your channel... just make it private so you dont lose the stats, views and comments. :)
It's seriously? This is the internet, this video never will die!  ;)
Thank-you for allowing us all to hear it for the year. I enjoyed listening to it immensely.
David Bowie's record label is fucking worthless. What douchebags.
ohh nooooo.... my kids got used to watch "the space song" ...   
Permission from the rights holders to the song I'm assuming
Maybe we could come full circle... download it... and then upload it to the orbital TARDIS before it gets launched into space. :)
Chris, I know you hear this all the time, but this song was more than inspiring for me.  It is such a powerful thing, not just for the video, but because it represents all the things I love about outer space.  You have restored my faith in humanity, Chris.  Godspeed.
Once on the Internet, always on the Internet. Someone (or many someones) will save this. It's too good to disappear forever!
I just love this entire creation of yours +Chris Hadfield For some reasons it inspires me so much and uplifts my spirit to new height. Thank you for this!
Chris Hadfield...I am now officially a Huge fan...loved going to show my kids after school...a true Canadian hero...Go Canada!
i'll have to wait till i get home... youtube is blocked here at work,,,, :-(
but it is a part of history :( you cannot delete this video, pls youtube :/
When the United States Founding Fathers framed The Constitution, they made sure that Americans would always have the right to peacefully protest and criticize. 

In America, one of the forms of criticism that's specifically protected is parody. 

A parody is a work that imitates another work for the purpose of ridicule or ironic commentary. The US Supreme Court recognizes parody as a protected form of free speech, and parodies are even given special rights under copyright law. 

+Aaron Kimmins 
Downloaded it so bad, the web will echoe
I suggest you to remove the audio of your video, then there is no copyright
I'll miss it =( Just downloading it to stay in my memory...
This song means so much to me. When I am here in Morocco and I always listen to your songs before my final exams. I do not know why but it just feels so peaceful and recomforting . Thank you so much Dr. Hadfield, you are such an amazing person. Much love.
Really? This is such a disappointment. This was easily the best version of the song performed. 
+HerrWeinachten It can be taken down if the servers that you uploaded it to existed in the US.  Since Youtube owned by Google, as US company, they have to comply.  If he posted it to a "SpaceTube" running on servers on the space station and broadcasted around the world, then there is nothing they could do to stop it.
No matter how good their music is these musicians and their recording mafia deserve a thorough shaming.
It was fantastic to see this again Chris.  Shame to be losing it.  I'll remember it fondly.
+Niklas Schnelle If your not milking the absolute piss out of your artists fans, you're just not running a label correctly. 
Technically this is covered by fair-use in the US, Canada, European Union, Australia and most of Africa, Asia and south america. But of course Youtube don't care about copyright laws and you do right in taking it down or the channel might be removed. 
Damn, I wish I could go into space.
+Jeff Sereno

So is everyone else who's seen this. Care to wager how many copies will be uploaded tomorrow?
So dumb. Why can't the license holders just let it stay?
any chance to extend it ? 
Ben Y
boooooo =*(
extend, extend, extend
YouTube's circuit's dead, there's something wrong! Can you hear me Chris Hadfield?  Can you hear me Chris Hadfield?  Can you hear me Chris Hadfield?  Can you hear...
+Malthe Høj-Sunesen This IS the best advertisement for his work.  Myself and 99% of the younger generation haven't even heard of him.
Ground Control to Major Tom
Ground Control to Major Tom

Thank you.
Always brought a tear to my eye, so wonderful. Thanks again Commander.
It will live on forever, Mr. Hadfield!
The agreement is a crime against humanity! Haha
I'm re-uploading this video so many times, and if my account gets deleted for that I'll make more
Shitty copyrights can't delete art off the internet
Thank you..... Thank you! 
This is amazing... It certainly should not be removed!
+deus ex machina  They can't stop someone covering a song. They can however stop someone from covering a song and selling it, using it for commercial purposes, or doing a public performance.
Since when is David Bowie so unkind? This video and the way you sing the song is amazing... 
Mr. Hadfield, we (your fans and admirers) are many and Mr. Bowie's legal team is but a few. I can guarantee there will be re-uploads for years to come! There is nothing that copyright law can do to stop this art from being deleted!
YOUR VERSION IS BETTER THAN BOWIES!!!!! I must protest for this copyright thing. This is such a great video! Looooooooooooove and support from Denmark.
I hope that Bowie's people can agree to maybe allow you to sell the vid and have proceeds go to charities that both he and you support.
On no. Best MusicVideo last year.. Must look it once again... or twice and so on.
Hey Chris - I'm a music publisher, and I'm not sure why there'd be a limit to the "license" of your cover song, as you're using it in a music video.  What's the reasoning here? Does CSA own the video?  Is this a promotional piece? Now I'm just curious... Either way, sorry to see it go, and hopefully it'll be back soon!
It's been a great time Commander!
+Josh Briggs sounds more like Bowie's actual voice dubbed over Chris lip syncing but I could be wrong
Kickstarter to keep this online?
Such a shame that one of the most beautifully well made youtube videos has to come down. Thanks for the inspirational video that touched millions. Well done sir.
How did I just see this for the first time........
pfft... please, the video has got to be "saved" by hundreds of thousands of people now.. There is no way the video will be lost.

There are countless ways to save this fine piece of art, the legal nutjobs have no hope..
Man rights laws are totally horrible. Why would anyone care if this was up, it can't hurt anything.
Copyright done wrong, for a song released in 1969.
I wish this won't be taken down. It's too freakin' awesome.
Either way, amazing.
Permision? for a cover?
This not make any sense!
There are thousand of videos of people singing other people songs!
fuck youtube!
Now I am sad :(

Loved your version of this. I shall keep listening even if it goes down.
When it comes to the Internet, nothing ever truly disappears :P
rest assured, the internet will share the shit out of it. there's no way any copyright holder can stop this,
It is a travesty to take this piece of music off the air....
This video sparked interest in the universe and a better perspective of reality for 22,000,000+ and counting. 
Please don't take it down.
We will pay the fines if bowie is really going to be a prick and make you take it down.
What a pity. This video goes far from the song cover.

Can't you renegotiate with Mr. Bowie?
Thanks +Chris Hadfield . It's a great video. It's a shame that the powers that be only allowed you to post it to +YouTube for a year.
+Jeff Weaver And let me just add, I'm in my twenties and never cared much about Bowie but this song was so beautiful and sparked my interest in his music. I would think this video would do more good than harm for Bowie's musical image.
Canadians never had a better representative Sir. Kudos from Saskatchewan.
Thanks Chris, from an American living in Milton, ON! 
+Mathieu Méa The content creator is still alive. Are you arguing that ownership of your works should be less than the length of your life? I might be with you on the +70 years part, but no person should live to see their work stripped from them. That said, I hope David Bowie's people grant a license extension.
Why are people getting so upset? Are you new to the internet? I'm sure the video will be floating around elsewhere...
Its Ok, I simply downloaded it. Mass up loads later! :D
+Skathi I think because Hadfield's video is so charming and so obviously enhances, not diminishes Bowie's version.  It's not as if the two compete for sales.  So to give this only a year license rather than a perpetual non-commercial license, seems kind of petty. Especially in light of the fact that Hadfield actually asked permission.
I don't see why the copyright holders don't ask for it to stay up "in space" and simply monetize it with an Ad just like any other sensible artist does when their song goes viral under someone else's redo.
Here's hoping it'll stay online. This video is amazing and embodies the human condition in about 5 minutes.

Fantastic work, needs to remain open to the public imo. 
+The Whaaaaaaa? Yeah, I agree with you there, If anything this version gave the song and artist more attention than it had ever had. I mean, someone used your song in space, you should feel honored....
Guys,use offliberty and download the video.

Lots of us will reupload it.Don't know why this should be hidden from the world!
I would be great to have it here legally to inspire future generations.
Maybe this is a trap to catch people who download videos?
Bravo.  Having just watched 'Gravity' and done a bit of research, glad to have you back on Earth - sounds like the generation you're inspiring are going to have a harder time of it,...
Maybe you could have it online w/o sound.
Thank you for the effort you put into this inspiring performance, it is truly out of this world.  I thoroughly enjoyed your book "An Astronaut's Guide To Life On Earth", and hearing you speak during a recent tour of Western Canada.  Any chance we can get you to run for political office in Canada?  We need a government that properly invests in science and technology.
It's a shame that this video is coming down today. With that said, I have been enjoying it for a year. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences on the space station Mr Hadfield!
Don't worry, I took care of a backup :)
For the sake of humanity, I hope this video is put into a space museum someplace. It is a priceless piece of history. Rock on Col. Chris!
Booo!! Get them to extend it. This is the first performance of a song in space, ever.
why must something so good be taken down on someones lawyers word? the laws regarding copyrighted material shot/recorded in space is next to nothing, Ive actually spent some time trying to find some info but all i seem to find is hypothetical stuff. sure the space station orbits the earth but technically its only being held there by gravitational forces so doesn't that mean by definition it has nothing to do with the earth apart from being inside its gravitational area of influence? i think that anything shot/recorded in space is no longer bound by our laws since its technically not on earth anymore, but no doubt someone will rage at me about law and how they know ive said before there are next to NO laws regarding copyrighted material that i can see regarding its use in space and if someone does have evidence that shows otherwise please let me look at it.
Tell their lawyers to go back to suing war orphans or kicking puppies or whatever they entertain themselves with.
This is great! They should seriously consider expanding the permission!
David Bowie is dead to me. I will download this and upload it on different channels so it never gets lost.
Thank god for keepvid ;D
Man, this is the nicest video on Youtube. Please, don't do this. :(
Still better than the original ;)
mike jh
This'll be on the web forever ! F**k bowie and his rights - this song now belongs to Chris hadfield ! Bowie could never sing this good live :)) 
Really thanks for letting us appreciate our planet by making this video and sharing your experience
#epic  : * (  <-- proud tear of pride for this video cover of Bowie..
This makes me so sad. This video is a piece of history, not just human, but Earths history. This is the first music video filmed in space. It's something I want to be able to show my children and my grandchildren after them. This video shouldn't become contraband because of copyright laws. It's a piece of our cultural heritage as human beings.
This was beautiful. Thank You. 
Still the best new thing in the... well, out of this world... this year!
It was awesome. Thanks again, so much, for creating this.
Bowie needs to come off it for this extenuating circumstance. 
I rarely drop comments on youtube video but it is such a piece that no one would forget.  Thank you for your awesome performance.  Tribute from Hong Kong.
No way! What a bummer Chris! Your video is now a part of the Human history story! It can't come down :) 
Thank you for a great year. Have watched your video, and listened to Bowie's fabulous music a dozen time or more. However, this cannot end for me, so I HAD to rip it, video and music. Sorry license holders, but something this awesome must not just disappear - THIS video will hopefully inspire my children, when they grow older, to gaze at the stars (and listen to sweet music).
THIS video made me want to pick up my dusty guitar and start playing again, and learn to play this song - which I now have.
Please ask for release for this forever, it was incredible and should be a national treasure. It can't ever be released. As long as there are no profits ask for it to be released for public domain, education, etc
That's so unfortunate. This video is the best thing on YouTube (in my opinion) and is a piece of human history.
im sure there are other copies right?
nice! COPYRIGHT killing the 1th video recorded in space.. COPYRIGHT SAVE THE CULTURE! F+CK copyright! i hope a lot of torrents of this masterpiece and live history of Music and Space Carree, for the good of mankind
Sad. This is historic. If the world survives this will be beamed into the brains of school children 500 years from now. 
What's on the Internet stays on the Internet!
this is awesome, im sure it will stay around...they should give you a free extension
Congratulations for winning the internet twice in a lifetime Mr. Hadfield :3
Kai E
Really wonderful! 
one of the "wow-est wow" ever created. magical... thank you Chris <3
I remember waking up a year ago to this video. What a wonderful morning I had! The feeling is still with me and will be for a very very long time. Thank you for that and everything else!
Gracias amigo. Nos has dado una gran lección a todos. Sigue haciendonos sentir el camino de la humanidad a las estrellas.

Thanks friend. You have given us a great lesson to all. Keep making us feel the path of humanity to the stars.
It is a shame this can't be kept up due to it's educational background...its only helping people..
+deus ex machina Actually, it is illegal to cover a song and upload it online, if you do not have permission. They had permission for a year and now it has to come down. It's as simple as that and nothing more. There is nothing in the Constitution about intellectual property and copyright regarding non-political "speech". That is covered elsewhere, ad nauseum. 
I just downloaded the video. They will never take it down, everyone UPLOAD!!!
I've listened to this far more times than I am willing to admit, Thank you for making it.
Erik G
+Jay Michaud I have successfully downloaded both the MP3 and the MP4 files. They will stay in my computer forever. 
Thank you, sir for sharing this with all of us — my children loved it. 
WHY is he taking it down?
A while ago a teacher showed me this video. It inspired me to study science and pursue my dreams. Thank you so much for inspiring me to learn and explore!
This video is priceless and should never be off the net!  Chris, Love your work and I love this video!  Bowie should give you rights forever!!!!  Greatest tribute to a song and artist EVER!!!!!  Seriously has anyone reached out to David Bowie (or his lawyers) to see if they can get the record company to BE FRACKING Human!!!  Really greatest promotion for the song EVER and it has to be taken down because of licencing!  Commander you rock on so many levels!  
Can't someone ask David Bowie for an exception? He seems cool.
This surely falls under fair use. Its transformative for sure
It is a pity that it has to be removed.
It is the best publicity for David Bowie and for (manned) spaceflight that I could ever think of.
There should be enough reasons for the IP holders and their lawyers to make a step on their own in order to prolong the broadcasting license of this video indefinitely (at lest if they aren´t short sighted ... which, unfortunately, is a common symptome in todays commercial world)
"... planet earth is blue, and there's nothing left to do..."
Too bad this video have to be removed.
 :( Most beautifull version of this song EVER.
but like, this is a cover video so it doesn't really need permission to be up///
Really is too bad. Wish he could donate the song in this instance to the promotion of space exploration. 
 Mr Superhero* ...
Your time aboard the ISS was transformative to me. The fascination of my youth is now transferring to my children. Miigwech (thank you)
Wish I could save a copy of the video...
Do Copyright Law's really apply in Space...!?
It's a serious injustice for this to be purged from History!
I hope some way is found to keep it online. Loved your book by the way!
Haha It's not that easy to delete something from the internet my friend :)
Great perfomance, great video! If only David changed his mind and let it stay here longer...
Wish it could stay up. I vote it stays!
Greg S
Thank you for bring back those awe-inspiring moments of when i was a kid and thanks for putting a human face on space and its exploration and bringing it to the front of the news again. I wish the video could stay for both reasons.
Thank you for this video - I look forward to the next time I will be able to see it!
Thank you Cmdr. Hadfield for this amazing video and for sharing so much of your time aboard the ISS that it felt like we were there with you. 
lol, do they really think they can stop the internet from reuploading it? The ignorance...
I'm never going to buy anything Bowie releases until this is reinstated!
You have no idea how great this video is to me. I saw it the first day it came out and now for its last "officially". Thank you for Chris for inspiring me and others that not even the sky is the limit.
I will be really sad to see this go.  It was a lovely tribute and it documents what must have been an amazing emotional experience for Commander Hadfield.  An experience made all the more amazing by the fact that only a handful of other humans have ever experienced anything like it…  (well, perhaps that is true of all experiences… but, that gets too philosophical for me).  Anyway, thanks for sharing it for the year.  It was awesome.
Dude what the hell is wrong with you no don't let fucking David Bowie bitch you around what are you dumb?
+Warlord M No Warlord, Commander Hadfield is honest. You should try it some time. You might live longer ...
dont worry, this is internet land, it will never die, it just moves to another place
+Brian Preble
First of all did you just indirectly threaten my life?

Secondly and more importantly, this is like the prime example why copyright laws can be dishonest, disingenuous, abusive, and creatively stifling. I'm sure the Commander has heard of the "spirit of the law," so I felt comfortable appealing to his sense of reason. With you though fuck it I won't even bother.
This better be saved somewhere.  I want my future children to be able to watch this.
+Bunny Rockett Can you believe close to 5K people don't like this? I have a feeling some people just don't like anything. 
I really hope this gets extended. It'd be a shame to lose that stat counter too.
I do hope that whoever holds the copyright on this has a change of heart and lets this stay. I will miss this video. I've showed it to my kids and they were gripped by it (as was I) and am sorry that it will be gone. +Chris Hadfield thanks again for this and all the things you have communicated about science, space and yourself, it is inspiring.
THANKS SO MUCH Chris - very sad there have been so many idiots posting comments! 
That's a damn shame. I'll enjoy it while it's there!
I really can't believe they wouldn't just automatically extend the licensing on this for eternity.  It's simply too good, and should be allowed into the public domain.
His song was the first music ever reproduced in space, why would he want the main video showing it to be removed?
What a shame, but it was fun while it lasted! Maybe we will see it again on an anniversary of Commander Hadfield's space walk...? Pretty please?
Chris Hadfield, thank you for providing the greatest example of how broken the copyright laws are. You continue to be a huge inspiration for me in my life. Your book was so incredible I had to break out a highlighter to highlight the most poignant bits.

This copyright restriction is one of the few links left in a chain that binds our species. Who you are, what you have done, and what this video is represents where we are headed. The copyright laws represent where we have been and where we will remain. Indefinitely? I think not.

It's time for us to continue with the journey, and leave this ancestral chapter behind.
We will all miss this beautiful video! What a shame it has to be taken down!
We'll miss it!  Thank you for doing this!  This longtime fan of space and science enjoyed it greatly!
A pity it has to be taken down - not only PR for ISS and your work Chris, but also for David Bowie! h/t to both of your doing this great work. Really wondering who has decided to put it down today. #SpaceOddity  - last chance to watch
Not a chance it's gone for good. It's only going to be gone from this channel. If I know my YouTubers, there'll be at least five copies up by this time tomorrow.
+Warlord M No threat was intended. I use that same phrase with anybody who tries to commit piracy or some equally stupid act. Regardless of personal beliefs, Commander Hadfield had an agreement with the copyright holder, and he is honoring it. That is the right thing to do.
Thank you once again +Chris Hadfield  for the video, for all your very interesting explanations during your time aboard the #ISS , before and after, for all your comments and posts. It is always a pleasure following you here at G+. I'll miss the video but I'm looking forward to seeing  more information from you here. Greetings from Germany to you and your family.
Thank you again Commander Hadfield! One of the best man ever!
Heartbreaking! I would happily PAY for this video to hold on to this iconic moment in the space program. Poor decision from the decision makers.
+Disco Saturn (Or DSAvariya MISinterprets WHF06) Do you guys think that YouTube invented copyright or something? This has nothing at all to do with YouTube; it's entirely related to the licensing agreement provided by David Bowie/his representatives. Blame them if you want to blame someone.
this is ART , CULTURE, please dont take it from us..pleaaaaaaaaaaseee 
Merci mille fois Commandant Hadfield! On est si fier de vous, merci pour votre service! Vous inspiriez et continuez à inspirer une génération entière.
+Aaron Kimmins Not true. Copyrights are only enforceable in jurisdictions that honor them. Space is in international jurisdiction, intergalactic jurisdiction, whatever you want to call it :D
Wow. Not sure how I feel about this. It almost feels like the record industry is attempting to destroy the ISS today.
I am shattered!  This is the best music video on YouTube.....please David Bowie's camp, don't let this be taken down.
This should be saved for history/eternity, never was there a more suitable video for the track.
So very sad this is coming down. You sir, are amazing. 
Good Video, Good Song.. Downloaded :D
+Bill Groen you'll find something useful if you search for "Download Youtube Video" :)
Thank you for this :)
Why is something so historically significant being taken down over a copyright issue? Youtube, stop being so fucking pathetic and petty, thanks.
Thank you for this mate, it's fantastic
David Bowie is just jealous he hasn't recorded in space. :P
So sad. Best version of the song ever. I hope Bowie lets you give us this piece of magic back some day.
Like many others here, I've downloaded it. For personal use only, of course.
Great version, insuperable location.

Ground control to major Tom

Lock your Soyuz hatch and put your helmet on

Commencing countdown, engines on

Detach from Station, and may god's love be with you

Thank you. 
I'll download this video to save!! This is my first time to listen. Great video clip you made sir. And, sorry for the bad news.
+IINyChrisII I used a Firefox plugin called ANT Downloader. Let's you download video from almost any online source.
Thanks +Chris Hadfield for being our troubadour in space.  Without a doubt you changed things in a big way up there and down here.  This was a great send-off.  Hard to believe you've been back on the planet for a year already.
+deus ex machina It's not covering it that's the problem, it's putting it on YouTube with ads for NASA etc. 
I want to "like" this video a hundred times more!
This is the best. You are a legend!
I am so sad this is coming down...It was a well produced video and You have made Canadians so Proud Chris Hadfield.. Thank you David Bowie  for permission for us to all enjoy this very different cover of your song. Bless you.
Luckily saw this in the last moments, creates backup immediately :D
That is ridiculous!! don't take it down....
Bowie's Space Oddity should be considered Human Heritage and also your superb arrangement. It is really sad that in the present day we are still applying this kind of limitations to art and culture.
This video means so much to me, it's gotten me through really though times and I truly hope there is some way you can keep it up
Extrañare este vídeo, Otro legado para la humanidad. saludos desde México. :)
I wonder how many views this is going to get just from today--from the moment of the first announcement till the moment it gets taken down. 
I truly hope they extend this in perpetuity. The kids of today need to have access to this - a truly historic piece of work. Thank you again Chris, for everything you have shared, and continue to share with us!
Who gave permission? Everyone should tweet that person (is it Bowie?) to give permission again.
It is a shame that such a great amazing music video would die because of some stupid copyright.
They allowed it for a year. At least they did that much. Hopefully they noticed a spike in sales and will permit to stay online a bit longer.
I never knew about it. I'm only watching it now. Just in the nick of time. Cool video, sir.
Best video ever... great of you to share this with the world. Thank you!
i don't get it? permission for 1 y for what? to be the coolest man on earth.. oops that "on earth" parth is obsolete now..
Why does this have to come down. Sometimes this world is truly stupid!
This is an absolutely awesome video.  It's great that you've shared with us your talent and inspiration.
In Turkey youtube is banned, i can't download it:( Could anybody send me a copy of the video? 
I wish this video could stay up forever.  It's made me feel just a little closer to a place I'll never get to go.  For that I thank you Sir.
Thank you so much for this video. Truly one of the most inspiring things I've ever seen.
Once again the music industry crushes their customer's dreams thinking it will somehow motivate those customers to give them more money in the future.
Zira No
First time I've seen this. Glad I didn't miss the cutoff! Nicely done!
no please do not do it
this song saved my life
Sadly there is nothing they can do unless the record company re licenses this. It sucks but its life.
Neve G
This is one of the greatest videos ever for one of the best songs! Thank you so much! Great voice by the way!
Thank you Mr Hadfield. This was a marvelous journey through your point of view.
Thank you so much for making this video. You have made a moment in history with Bowie as a backup. :) 
Thank you so much for this gift from space.
Mi Mo.
Isn't there a way to start some kind of petition asking the copyright holders to extend the permission?
David Bowie should man up and let it stay up forever.
So glad this exists. Hopefully one day it can be restored!
It's a shame Bowie won't let it co-exist on the internet! It really is an awesome tribute to his song!!!
It won't go away.  The internet will keep it alive.  It lives on my flash drive for now!
John S.
What should happen is a duet with this... this version of you in the space station it just amazing, and should NOT be taken down at all
Nemo U
humanity don't deserve your awesomeness
This sucks 😢 Bowie is not nice to us why did have to do this your the first one to make a video in space who cares what he thinks not fair
+Javier Páez Ilabaca

yes they can.  they do that all the time.  NASA has a youtube channel with videos from ISS being posted every week.
Art cannot be killed. Internet cannot be stopped of spreading art.
But how much I hate them!
Comander, your cover is awesome, if that masterpiece goes off, i will publish in my channel crediting you... (sry 4 my bad english)
Its a shame it must be taken down. Perhaps you haven't deleted the original clip from the memory card it is stored on and could possibly re-upload it with permission in the future. 
Well, technically the lyrics are not the same as Bowie's lyrics. Anyway, this video must be conserved. It's really a inspiring jewel.
thanks for the great video. I enjoyed it many times over this last year
I thought covers weren't subject to copyright laws or something along those lines?
if you can't keep it online, we will, it's a part of human history, lawyers can't stop internet
Thank you!!! 

(I hope you will find some way to keep it online.)
... what are you talking about?  You don't need permission to do a song cover...
Thank you, Col. Hadfield! You have inspired me and my student. Keep it up :)
Glad I downloaded a copy on my phone
Nooooooooooooooooooo [breath] oooooooooooooo ! 
+Reeposter_2  youtube to mp4. You can download it, and watch it when ever you want. 
Ask for an extension?
<3 you mr.spaceman
Please don't take this down. This is a masterpiece. David Bowie needs to allow this online forever.
getting close to 25..  I hate to take up this space but his is your last chance to make a difference..   
Come on Mr Bowie, please leave this on Youtube
I loved your video. I'm sorry that it is being removed. Thank you for sharing this with us, and much respect to you. 
This should remain up forever.
This is incredible. If it's true you must take this down, that is a shame, this is beautiful. Thank you. <3 
ur running out of time and space, we need a commentary..  something long and meaningful..  

i mean if you can't do it now then when?
Chris. This is beautiful. thank you for what you do. Thank you for sharing this video. And Thank you for moving us.
 Content ID will most likely take down any direct copies of it.
+WHFAlex Then I will make as many YouTube accounts as possible and re-upload this again, and again, and again...
Great idea and vid and cover. I hope this gets some sort of an extension.
It's sort of sad that we've reached the stage where we can record a cover of Space Oddity in space but can't show it because of copyright laws.
Thanks Commander Chris Hadfield. It was really wonderful! 
This inspired a lot!
It's so sad that this video will be taken down because this is such an amazing thing that future generations will unfortunately not get to watch.  I literally cried when I watched it for the last time. It's such a shame. It is so incredible and yet nobody is allowed to see it now.
Maybe, if you asked nicely, Bowie would let you extend his permission for another year... I'm pretty sure you have sold a few albums for him.  I'm gonna miss it.  The music, lyrics and video together really work WELL.
Downloading it now to re-upload it :)
Brad M
Can't you at least keep it up but mute the music for now until copyright issues are worked out? 
Do a Google search for the apology to David Bowie before you jump to conclusions.
I'm so glad you were able to get it back up. :D
Welcome back in the listings. It's a pity that there are such legal processes for just a yey or nay for the song.
This is the best part of the internet.
wish it could stay up , i listen daily , love it , good job i have downloaded it ;)
En français dans la Belgique ça me plairait bien de avoir de nouveaux amis 
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