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Tonight's finale: Australia. Jackson Pollock would have been even further inspired by seeing the Outback from orbit.
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wow nice post, looks like a closeup of a cave wall.
"Jack the Dripper" strikes again!
This picture belongs in a frame it is so beautiful and interesting!
Wow. The beauty of our home planet amazes me.
+Chris Hadfield ... any chance you know roughly WHERE in the outback that is? I'd love to work out what the detail is, especially those streaks.
WOW, real = surreal. Thanks you guys! Staring at it for a while showed me some disturbing looking features, unlike the roadrunner with perfect southwest backdrop in the bottom right tenth of the photo. If I didn't know where they came from I would question their authenticity... maybe it's a cassowary. Australia has some crazy hidden pictures!
Wow! I have no words to describe my feelings...Nature is amazing! Thanks to much +Chris Hadfield  and Evan to show us the Earth !!!
Wow!! Amazing!!!
Again thank you for sharing these amazing pics. 
This is one of the most stunning pictures you have sent. Dazzling. Thank you.
Incredible. I thought it was a painting. Love it.
Interesting how the colours between a live photo and the photo's from Google Earth compare.
Goto S24.48842 E139.253007 set your altitude to around 155km and your heading about 340 degrees
Translate dramatic looking. 
Wow! Absolutely stunning!
If you squint a bit it sort of looks like the ceiling of a cave 
+Folmer Fredslund The problem with mystery pics is that there are a few people who ruin them nearly instantly for everyone. We've tried them in the past and big NASA fans for some reason view it as a challenge to their manhood if they can't answer in the first 5 seconds.

It kind of ruins the fun.

- Evan
+Chris Hadfield
Evan (sorry there are so many Evan Hadfields, so couldn't figure out which one to tag)
I was not aware of that. I wouldn't call myself a diehard NASA fan, but the pictures of earth taken from space are really interesting!
+Folmer Fredslund Yes, I think they're great to diehard fans and average people. I actually prefer to focus on non-diehard fans, because at the end of the day speaking to diehard fans is just preaching to the choir. Getting more people to have that spark of interest is valuable, but just adding more wood to a roaring fire doesn't do much.

We've tried having about 10-15 fan "games" or "quizzes", and always the same one or two people come to answer the question before anyone else even sees it. We can only do so much on our end, really.

- Evan
This could be hung in an Art Museum.
As I've said already, maybe Jackson Pollock did (metaphorically) see earth from orbit!
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