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Istanbul - geographically and historically vital crossroads of continents, formed and reformed by imperial ambitions.
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And now I've got "Istanbul, Not Constantinople" stuck in my head.
It is Constantinople no matter what people say, thats how it became known anyways. Like Macedonian history: will always be Greek.
+Constantine Apostolou Amazing how even seen from space with no ideology, religion or politics behind it, people will always try to drag up hate and politics.

It is an area with great history. Trying to demand it as one way or the other creates nothing but bloodshed and animosity. Instead, try enjoying the view for what it is. A lovely image of our planet from a Space Station made possible entirely through international cooperation and well-being.

- Evan
Anyway, it was called Nova Roma before that and Byzantium before that.
It is what you say no matter what people say.All names sound good to me
I have always wanted to go to this part of our planet! I could really give my camera gear a good workout.
Thanks again Commander.
Btw did you see any Aurora last night? I saw a little up here but the moon was very bright. 
No ideology, religion or politics behind it... Oooooo. Canadaaaa!..
Chris...your pictures are awesome and also show a way different beautiful planet earth 
I'm always amazed by the detail. Shows how poor my geography is though, it usually takes me ages to work out most places, this one is ok though
Nice one,, also liked yr comments on TV about the sunrise over Eastern Canada. Di you ever get a look over the Golden Horshoe?
+Chris Hadfield Never tried to drag up politics nor hatred. I just made a simple comment about a historic fact; of what the city was known for up to the 1920s. If you believe I did that for political reasons, I can delete the comment right now, even though I'm speaking completely out of playfulness and, in response to other comments that went "unanswered," unlike mine (which made me look like the villain). I don't really mind how the city is called because even Istanbul as a name has a Greek origin (Is tin Poli) and besides it was called Byzantium before it was even called Constantinople; I'm one more perfectionist that want to see the right being said. I do enjoy the picture and your posts, that is the reason I am following you after all, isn't it?
+Constantine Apostolou I respectfully ask that you look back at your own comment from an outside perspective and see if you might be overlooking how it comes across to others.

- Evan
Came here for song reference, left satisfied. 
We shall enjoy the historical moments of humanity through the eyes of Chris and the others in Space Station:)
Chris it is a wonderful picture thank you for sharing it with us...Constantine Please see this for what it is and don't be so partizan. The region was used by others before the Greeks too. I too have been displaced personally and it hurts, but I moved on.
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