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Tonight's Finale: At long last - Manila, capital of the Philippines, delicately shining in the night.
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+Chris Hadfield - I have a picture like this you took of my hometown  New Orleans, USA. It looks like the city is suspended in space. So beautiful!
Finally!!! The Philippines! :-)
+Chris Hadfield, have any of your pictures made you want to visit a place you've never seen from the ground?
Wow, my fav place to live after Canada
I was born there! Clark AFB. That's a view I'd never get from the surface. Thank you!!
The culture and food was just sooo diff than canada, most spoke english and everyone was friendly...12m people and the city never cdn dollar goes a loooong way...oh and the women are fine fine fine :)
I would retire there for sure....oh forgot i love the in dry season and loved the typhoons in wet season...just rly missed the snow though
We dont get nasty weather like those (except for a blizzard or 2) so ya i loved the storms
you're different!!!
we hate storms..
+alvin lajara yes. Clark Air Force Base 1971. Don't remember any of it. We moved back to the states about 18 months after I was born. Hoping to make it back there one day.
I can see myself on our roof deck! Thanks for the picture of my town Chris! 
Like i said above, i loved it, awesome city
really? why? i think canada is better...
nice words, +Sean Finn. i am wishing that we can keep it that way. +alvin lajara it is easy to live in the philippines. a few savings will go a long way.
@alvin lajara not as far as I'm aware. Maybe I should look into that. 
+alvin lajara yes canada is the best country in the world to live in, but i loved the phils too and could see myself retiring there
Glad to hear that, +Sean Finn you love the philippines even though you're not a filipino.. I like that..
WOW...Clarkfield in the Philippines is a beautiful place! Ive been there numerous times and I miss it now...I miss also the summer and rainy seasons!
that's why... i keep comin back to manila...!!"
I love this picture of Metropolitan Manila at night. I can actually make out the major streets and avenues and identify them. Would love to have a copy of a higher resolution of this picture! Thank you so much!
is the orientation of this pic upside-down?
Weeeee... Finally ♥  Thank you Mr. Hadfield
just jaw dropping shart in ur marathon shorts amazing...
Hurray, Mr.Hadfield,finally the Philippines.thank you.

mj ewan
I so in d news
This is now my most favorite photo of Manila, Philippines. 
the top left side is south/southwest and the left side is obviously North
+Antonio Sy - I imagine it's pretty tough to get the planet to pose the way you think it should. Who's to say we haven't been looking at it upside down all along?
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