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Tonight's finale: Undoubtedly one of the coolest space sights on Earth, the Richat Structure of Mauritania.
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that looks more like a brown and black hole of a tornado
Nick S
That is very cool! :)
Nice!!   How often do you fly over the same spot? Weeks?  Months?
Wow, that doesn't even look real.  Looks more like a painting.
wow, now that's a cool picture! 
Beautiful. You have to go back for another look...
Neal Veen
Facebook see people act like the are one of the coolest thing on earth. Google+ come to see what is truely some of collest things on earth! 
Wow!! Will definitely look that up too!!
Wow, I'm in Mauritania at the moment and never even heard of this. Must be really remote and inaccessible, not to mention dangerous with the whole uprising in Mali.
Am I the only one who looked for Goku in the center?
This is amazing. Thank you for sharing. 
Wow, stunning. Can really appreciate your unique vantage point. Thanks so much for sharing!
Really neat!!! Thanks again for posting these incredible pic. 
You are my new favorite person to follow on G+! These pics are AMAZING
So it's an old volcanic plug? Crazy colors!
Thank you to all the people who post these things I would never see them any other time
First thought that pops into my mind: HALO!
Taras P
Fantastic! Like a sci-fi art!
Wow Chris, that picture is out of this world man. Thanks.
wow what a beautiful view
I hope I am not the only person googling that now...
What a time to be using social media!
Awesome man. Keep uploading ? stuff... :)
Wow, great photo of "The eye of the Sahara"!
Now I have a new place to add to my must see list
100x more beautiful than the pic on NASA's website! They will probably replace that one with yours! Amazing photo! +Chris Hadfield 
mind blowing i wish u a bright bright futer
Never knew about this, now I do. Thank you Chris for more knowledge about our planet and more.
it looks like as if the earth is slowly caving in.

rob p
The work of an awesome Creator!!!
Lynn H
Wow! Incredible!
I'm sure I would have gone my whole life without ever knowing that existed if it weren't for you. Thank you Chris!
Very spectacular view...!! :-)
wow that is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
Date of photo : 1/16/13 1:13 PM  click below where it says  Photo Details
could you believe thats the inside of a hurricane or tornadoe? but its really that beautiful and out of the usa its really special
Want to know more about it, please
This a real eye opener in that they're not sure if it's an impact crater or not
Very cool shot and thanks for share.
what the beatifull place is that, when human can visit there 
Mi god eu ñ falo em inglês kkkkkkkkkk...
What's more beautiful than pure nature...?
I no intendo nd ñ falo em inglês!!!
Ñ intend nada alguém fala em portugues???
naughty language!! lol!! cool!!!
Well you clearly have the best view around.
Which part of earth we are watching,Chris Hadfield?
That mine field looks like iridium deposits with palladium and chromium. If this is Mars then I know what it is.
Looks like a prehistoric space ship docking port!
look like a point horizon to a worm hole
This looks like where a meteor that could have started the ice age. awesome.
Gus Re
that is a coll photo
cool story bro.  saw the whole thing from my computer and i didn't even have to get up to do it =p  
jk...actually a little jealous 
look like iron man heart machine...
What camera do you use?
Is it just me...but look to the looks as if a holy statue holding a baby in her arms?...Maybe I just have a good Imagination!
+Jacob H. i dont think it's a camera that he used. the spacecraft probably took a photo of the area seen.
thought it was like a airport or something when i first saw it
Bon Bon
Looks so unreal totally sci-fi

I remember when Jabba tried to throw Luke into that thing
Roy M
Look's more like a closer photo of what red storm on Sturn really look's like. 
Incredibly insane! Looks a bit like some former beach communities here in NJ ,post hurricane Sandy. Really is an amazing and unbelievable photo. More, please!
It kind of looks like a fish frozen in ice. With the focus on the fish eye of course. But it looks amazing anyway.
Yea!! , Your Are Right Lord :-)
Apparently it's not an impact crater but is volcanic in nature.
It reminds me of an ancient mummy from egypt just unwrapped frozen in time -very hard to tell what he was thinking
Reminds me of the saucer section of the Enterprise when detached...
Really cool picture thanks for sharing it :)
Ssorry what is that? ???
He whats that i have never seen anywhere like that where it comes
no no no it looks like graphical image on it comes like films
Very informative... Thanks a lot 4 sharing us... 
I don't know how to use Google+ ;(
Anyway, the picture is beautiful (like an abstract painting)...

use google and you might find the answer.
Was that photo taken from a Satelite
Where do I have to look to see this fenomena? Up in the sky at night? That's not possible, I can't ever remember to have seen anything similar with the naked eye.
+Ian Farrell The thing is, the people saying "Where is that" and "Photoshop" have not read my comment, and they will not read yours. They have no idea how to learn... but looking at pictures and typing "Awssum!" keeps them off the streets.
This comments section is a minefield I am unwilling to tread.

- Evan
I do not know speaks english almosk died translating it!!!
Very cool thanks Jason Raynor for the link 
You can easily find it on google satellite map. And after zooming out, it more like an eye.
I'm a dinosaur. I stumbled upon this pic on my Droid.. would someone please explain to me how can I see more? (In simple terms ; )
That's awesome! Question: Is it true that there's a strip of velcro inside your helmet so you can scratch your nose during spacewalks?
Breathtacking amazing perfect

Wish I was there to see it like you! Thanks for the updates! Amazing!
Request you to show us the Himalayan range including mt Everest and pamir table top.
Now I understand, it's an open cast coalmine at lakhanpura in odisa
That is amazing! Looks more like a belly button than an eye. ;)
Holy crackamole that's amazing!
this thing looks incredible. Your photo should be submitted to the Wikipedia page as you seem to have nicer colour contrast in yours.
Thankyou I can't say enough I'm very proud of all of you amazing & brave men & wish I were there too ! Love this pic !
these views made my life alive and thank all profusely
Looks looks a fight between a Taren space ship and a Klingon space ship.
+marleny osorio
It's a fight between a Taren space ship, don't know which one and a Klingon Space ship, also don't know which one, you can see see both very easily, if you look.
What is that photo it looks like a snail 
What is that it looks like part of a lizards eye 
You can see a bird of pray and an earth craft, this a part from Star Trek. 
hi !! thank you for the info . very thoughtfull of you !!
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