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With deference to the genius of David Bowie, here's Space Oddity, recorded on Station. A last glimpse of the World. Space Oddity
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Huge thanks in the making of the video to the talented trio of Emm Gryner, Joe Corcoran and Andrew Tidby, plus Evan Hadfield and all at the CSA.
That's awesome!  As far as I know, this is the first music video shot in zero G as well as in actual outer space.
Good luck and godspeed, Commander!  You have been an inspiration, and I look forward to your future expeditions!
I guess the choice was either this song or Rocket Man by Elton John .... hey, I know ... do both!!!! :)
That was extremely awesome. Very well done!
You are truly an inspiration to everyone. Thanks for all the great reports.
Great stuff! You're a champion. Safe travels, Sir.
How do they make those pictures of ISS from far away like in the begnning?
It would be impossible to find a cooler thing to do.
The Brazil sends hugs to you. Excellent person.
I can only thank you for all of your sharing ... and this ! 
Awe inspiring.  Great job, good voice... thanks
I can't wait until you get back down here so you can start work on the album! +Brian Lee inspiration for a video?
Could a better song have been chosen - NO ! superb. (when will it be on itunes ???)
Thanks for that, it was beautiful. Live long and prosper!
Amazing. Your trip has shown the rewards of sending artistic ly inclined astronauts to ISS. I hope you're not the last. 
Can you see the mighty county of Yorkshire from there, best wishes from Mick and Julie, Yorkshire, UK 
One of my favorite Bowie songs ever. What an amazing version.
Randy L
This is absolutely my favorite thing you have done, just really a neat video Thanks for sharing! 
welcome back to earth, and thanks for sharing space with us in such an entertaining and educative manner
Have a good trip back Commander Hadfield.
Totally cool and very fitting :-)
Superlative! Which is about the only word I can think of to describe this. WOW!
So Very, very , very cool! welcome home Chris.
I salute you sir - a class act from beginning to end.
Godspeed Commander, this trip you've shared with us has been an amazing adventure. My hats off to you and all your fellow astronauts and cosmonauts throughout history. You sharing all your experiences with us from your trip to the heavens has reignited a flame in my heart from a time long ago when I was just a child and space was the ulimate adventure. I truly hope someday to meet you and shake your hand. 
Thank Commander. That's is awesomely appropriate!
Si señor ¡¡ una gran actuación ¡¡ gracias 
Has any other astronaut interacted with the people on the surface to the degree that my fellow Canadian Chris has?

Thank you, sir! From a Proud Canadian...
So awesome! I got chills watching that. Living in the future is pretty awesome sometimes! Safe travels to you and your fellow astronauts, cosmonauts back home tomorrow! Thanks again and thanks for six great months of sharing, research, and hard work in pursuit of an even better future for all humankind.
Holy crap, the Internet just exploded in a shower of meta.
This made my day. Thanks for sharing Commander. 
Yeah, that's the coolest thing I've seen on the internet in a very long time!
Nice Video. Seen Bowie live several times.
Thanks for all the posts and photos from space. Wishing you a safe journey home.
After some reflection - da ya think that you could've slipped in a "eh" somewhere ;-) 
:) Love this. +Chris Hadfield you have shown such amazing ways to use social media and connect. :) Godspeed back to Canada Commander!
Bowie had to know it would happen eventually.
Fantastic Commander.  What a wonderful way to pay homage to space flight and a classic song about it.
Wowww chris,,you are awesome...God bless u all ...nice song. ;-)
+Chris Hadfield  I hope you don't mind, but I forwarded a link to your cover along to the Thin White Duke.
+Al Hunt Maybe not curse him with the role of PM, but a nomination for the Order of Canada is in process.
Al Hunt
+Roy Nicholl Heh. Previous holders curse the role, not the other way around ;-)
I'm gonna miss tweets from sppppaaaaaacccceeeee!! 
simply awesome! makes you appreciate our great planet! thank you captain!
Great version of a great song. How about recording the Bowie song "Life on Mars?" So are you going?
Great video! Wish I could make one like this! Chris Hatfield, how did you do it?? Did you go to Universal studios?
Single, most emotionally-connected and accurate music video in recent memory. On par with Johnny Cash's version of "Hurt".  Well done and safe return, Commander.
+Chris Hadfield thank you. Seeing the photographs you take and videos you make has been an inspiration to myself and my kids. I would love to hear about how you re-acclimatise to living in 1g. Do you keep dropping things?
Of all the things you gave us from space, I love and value your music the most.  Thanks +Chris Hadfield.
...and I hope that you don't get too tired learning to walk again.  
Very cool Chris Hadfield! Have a safe journey back to planet Earth. Good luck & best wishes!
Good job!! Great studio to work in.. the view looks outstanding.
This is simply amazing. Commander, you've just reached a new level of awesomeness. Have a safe trip back home!
That was FANTASTIC! My class and I really look up to you!
thanks for shearing the incredible views and feelings of being in space
It's weird that I should see this today - earlier I called my daughter's boyfriend, who's called Tom, 'Major Tom'. I then asked "By the way, did Ground Control ever get hold of you?", being as hilarious as I am. But being a young'un, he had no idea what I was getting at. So I gave a hint: "🎼Ground Control to Major Tom🎶", but again, nothing. So I played the start of Mr Bowie's finest on YouTube and was amazed that neither he nor my daughter even recognised it. Honestly! The youth of today! 😜
Very cool..Thank You.
Thank you Sir
This was amazing to watch and a beautiful rendition of one of my favorite songs.
Be safe up there ♥
Sorry, got carried away with my story, so forgot to say, brilliant!
Brilliant!!! Next Canadian Banknote should star Commander Hadfield!!
Hi my name is Athena this video it is sad(:

Ground control to NASA, why don't you fly your old space ships? Seems to me those shuttles can fly. And at least get you up into the sky. Good old song, like the new video.
That was a fantastic job Commander Hadfield.
That was a great song at music Monday at our school that's the song we sang and in science class we watched a whole hour show on Chris your pictures are amazing!!
Just amazing! I love not only the song, but the video too. 
Well I wasn't anticipating feels today, but yup, there they are.

I think Chris' amount of awesomeness returning to Earth may balance out a lot of the other stuff down here.
The most awesomest awesome there has ever been in the history of awesome!  Thanks again for everything Commander +Chris Hadfield 
You, sir, are a rock star, rocket man. Thanks so much for the many posts, using social to bring us closer together.
It's official, I'm throwing you right up there with Tommy Douglas! Mr. Hadfield, you are an awesome representative for our True North strong and free, thank you :-) 
Awesome video. Really made my day. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to all of us. 
Absolutely beautiful rendition. What a gift. 
Canada is proud to see you take your place as the greatest rock start to ever orbit this planet. Thanks for doing more than just science.
Ammazing stuff! It reminds u of childhood dreams.
It's like u can feel chris and his words, his music and his hidden poetic message. It gives u more than butterflies. It's shock and owe in the most peaceful way! Now u know why i say he is a prophet. His message is peace and prosperity off and away from bullshit.
Press 1 if u agree.

ummm ok? little scary!
Thank you, that was awsome, that and all your tweets, videos and photos. You are going to be one tough act to follow :)
Thank you for bringing all of this to us during your time on the station. You've been a superb example of what Canadians are made of! If you are not inducted into the order of Canada forthwith ill be very surprised.
Beautifully done... thank you for sharing that with us. Very poignant.
Awesome, Thank you for all the great videos and work on the ISS. Best wishes for a smooth journey home.
Commander Hadfield, that made me very, very happy... and I'm crying.   I've waited a long time for someone to do just what you did.   

Thank you, and welcome home!  That landing looked a bit bumpy at the end.   
I've never heard this song before, but I've seen a lot of the videos you posted while up above. This was great work! Was the last part of the video actual footage of your touchdown? Must have been quite a jolt, especially not having experienced gravity for such an extended amount of time.
Mitch J
Thanks for everything, +Chris Hadfield !  You've been very interactive on social media with all of us, and we are very appreciative of it!
Stunning version, Commander! Congratulations, and good trip back home :)
+Rachelle Greene , its not his guitar. It belongs on the station. It was brought up by a shuttle to keep crew moral up. Music is always good for the soul.
Thanks for all of the education and public outreach. Your work, along with that of your colleagues, is always inspirational and always helps us to keep things in perspective down here. Cheers!
Thanks for everything +Chris Hadfield . You've been an incredible inspiration, and an amazing Canadian. I don't think anyone will ever be able to top your accomplishments in making space so very, very cool.
Time to upgrade my Minecraft to online multiplayer status thanks to freeminecraft cc :D
Scott C
This. Is awesome.

My hat off to you, sir.
Fantastique Commandant Hadfield! Il y a de quoi être fier! Cheers!
Thank you for making this. Beautiful and moving. :)
Chris have a safe trip home to earth! I know there will be a lot of video footage in the future.
May god keep you 3 safe!
Merci Colonel! Vous êtes tout simplement fantastique!!! :-)))
you just couldn't be any more of a legend. hell, i wrote a blog post about you and this song - thank you for all the ISS goodness!
How bad-ass is this!! WAY TO GO:)
That was an amazing performance! The song never sounded so good. Thank you commander Chris Hadfield, you have been an inspiration to all of us. Thank you to the ISS crew, Evan and everyone who has been sharing everything from the space. It's been an incredible journey. Have a safe return. God bless you all.
+Chris Harpner Zero G, yes, outer space, no.  The ISS is still in Earth's atmosphere, the Thermosphere, in continual orbit.

Still, loved the scene of the guitar going down the hallway...
Commander Hadfield,  Thank you for bringing the ISS, space, and science down to earth for all 6.9 billion of us.
What an awesome video! Cudos, Commander!
They need to release an album!!!
Wow! A trip from the past, a launch to the future. Thanks, for it all
Way more AWESOME than any words convey...
Need to play a little from the band. U.F.O.
Fantastic!! Thanks Chris.
Coz here... Am i sitting in a tin can... Faaar.... Above the world... Planet earth is blue, and theres nothing i can do... space oddity
This makes me weep. Art and science brought together in a totally inspirational way. Genius, 100% genius.

Great camera work too. Is it possible to be too talented? :-)
Thank you for that wonderful rendition.  Question.. is it hard to keep the guitar in tune?  Seriously.. I know how badly out of tune on an airplane.
+Chris Hadfield this is brilliant and you'll be a shoe-in for the most expensive music video ever created!
This is the most incredible cover I have ever seen!
Once again - Astronauts win.  Well done!
You are a true inspiration, a teacher, and poet. All the best to your future endevours! You make Canada proud.
Thank you for your service, your music and your humor. Godspeed. 
Absolutely fantastic, thanks so much!
Vraiment génial, merci Chris pour tes photos et ta générosité dans le partage de ton expérience dans l'espace.
Chris this was brilliant! Just something so special when fantasy meets up with reality. You made it real! I just love it. Space can really use this right now. 
Wow. Just wow. Hope Bowie is watching this 
Who makes the ISS cool. Cmdr. Chris Hadfield makes the ISS cool.

Thank you for sharing your journey.
Sir, I respectfully request you stop using up all of the awesome and leave a bit for the rest of us.
I have but one +1 to give...Fantastic!
You could do Kirt Shillings '' Major Tom'' now. That would be cool. Thanks for the video. I'd love to know what David Bowie said about you doing this on station. Bet he never thought that would ever happen? =-) 
who cares about the video damn
Tracy T
Awesome video and done in space live...made me smile....:):)
Thanks for Sharing this Prolific Piece from such an AWESOME locale. Ohh and Welcome back to "Terra firma"
That was excellent! Thank you so much for enchancing a great song. 
Wow is this the rapture of the nerds? Has any cover ever been SO original? Will there ever be anything cooler - is this the definitive cool? 
I wonder if any Astronauts ever play the simulation game, Kerbal Space Program?

Or, if they would find it interesting or too "Fisher Price", quaint?
Thank you.  Safe journey home, Commander.
Absolutely fucking BRILLIANT!!!
In a world where the word 'epic" is overused.
THIS... IS...... EPIC !

Nah ahahahahah LOL AMAZING!
Commander Hadfield, you had me emotional throughout that whole song. Especially the verse where you say you float, and damn if you didn't and crossed your legs. Breath taking really, and in inspiration. 
Can't thank you enough for letting us tag along on your adventure, Chris. Keep the posts coming.
Bravo! Absolutely beautiful. You make the whole Earth proud!
Anyone have any insight into why this video has so many views here.. yet on +YouTube it says it has been seen 301 times??? Tag me in a comment if you do... Id love to hear your input.
+Jason Joseph I don't know, but it's criminal. This is a real record breaking video, so where are the views???
A charming addition to the annals of beautiful historic moments
Someone give this guy a medal for being so cool!
Thank you so much for this. I got chills!
Speechless... Made me feel like I was 5 years old again, looking at the stars and playing with my space lego. Makes me ponder over and over again what the fuck we're doing to this planet. The survival of humankind on this blue marble is so fragile. Must one really need to go to space to realize this? Thank you +Chris Hadfield (and +Evan Hadfield) for the tribute, for the memories and for the reminder! You rock and inspire!
G+ (^3)
You could hardly have picked a more appropriate and beautiful song. Today Commander the Internet is yours!

Good job! Liked it. Stay safe commander. :)
Good idea for a final. You lived what was on musique. Video is Magic.I a very happy a dream is possible.
In space no one can hear you play. On the internet, however...
Ty for sharing commander :) Have enjoyed your posts.  Safe return for you!
That. Was. Awesome. The part when you see the Earth over the window: WOW!
I think this is my favourite thing that has happened in space. Thank you, Commander!  Tears are flowing down my face and my wife's. It's an amazing gift you've given us in this recording. Thank you, for all that you do and have done.
I love this, great, just great.

I used to work on ships for five weeks at a time, and seeing the helicopter come for crew change was the greatest, can't imagine what it's like for you getting space to move again. At least I could play hockey and run laps on the helideck.

I also, actually, miss working on the same ships, and again, those feelings have to be magnified. Bittersweet I'm sure, but amazing, and great posts all along. This was my favorite.
can you hear me Major Tom? can you hear me Major Tom?
d so
Thanks for everything, Commander. You've given us a helluva ride. 
Thank you sir, for having the audacity to try and inspire a new generation towards the endeavors of space exploration, something that has almost become pedestrian.
Brings a whole new meaning to "air guitar".
You are a true inspiration +Chris Hadfield ! You have made all of Canada proud! We all wish you a safe and speedy journey home tomorrow commander! :)
I would like to do that.wonderful job.
Awesome song. Awesomer venue. Awesomest performer. Well done, Commander Hadfield and thank you for taking us along for the wonderful ride.
Very special Chris, I actually prefer your version...well done.
Awesome background effects, just does not get any better than this.
A Proud Canadian eh !.... cheers
Is no else wonder what lens he's using? 
+james dean Looks like a number of lenses, but more than likely the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8.
Brilliant. Awesome. Terrific. 
This is where the citizens of Earth gather momentum for space exploration.   Set coordinates to Mars -- Engage!
Truly, you make this space mission more interesting and easy to follow. Koodos to you.
So there is pretty much nothing you can't do. Very nice Commander. 
So much talent packed into one guy :-) someone clone him. 

BTW, would this be the first music video shot and performed entirely in zero gravity? I've never seen one.
I'm sure this one will make #1 soon. Thank you for bringing back into our minds how awesome the ISS is. Have a nice journey home +Chris Hadfield.
What a lovely performance you will be missed thanks for all the space stuff it was fantastic x good luck love Jenny x 
Thank you for sharing your most remarkable journey, along with your humour and sense of wonder.
bowie would be jealous~
Meg L
No, Bowie would be proud.
An historical performance. Thank you.
Have a safe trip back Chris. We will all be watching live from Telus World of Science tomorrow night. 
Godspeed Commander Hadfield.  Thank you for making space interesting (and fun) again for us folks down here.  
Its so nice hearing real music again. No auto tune, just a great man and a great song.
That's a world of difference life goes on free music
Anyone else wondering about the consequences:-
The original song ends badly (your circuit's dead, there's something wrong)
Major Tom ends up a junkie (Ashes to Ashes)
Will Bowie get royalties when this goes viral?

Otherwise, most awesome pop video ever.
Nie ma chyba lepszego miejsca na cover tego kawałka.. :)
I really hope someone picks up after you leave, but they have some mighty big shoes to fill. good luck to you it has been a pleasure. 
It's not often I use the word awesome, Chris, but it has to be applied to this video of you singing David Bowie's 'Space Oddity', recorded in orbit on board the International Space Station.

Have to say I couldn't help but shed a tear. Colonel Hadfield, you are amazing. Makes me wish I was Canadian.
Very beautiful. Made my day. Cheers

Did anyone spotted the object passing by in orbit at 3:48?
This. Is. AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this brilliant video. 
thanks a lot Chris. This is pure awesomeness. gives me the goosepumps. Go on and publish a record with songs recorded in space. I will buy one for sure.

My suggestion for your next song: Tori Amos - Space Dog
There are no words to describe the awesomeness of this.
Too cool. Bowie was / is so far ahead of his time.
nice song but i understand very little of vwhat it is all about i guess space walking
Well done! You even made the news here in Australia :) Thanks for sharing your awesome encounter. 
Well done.Maybe Bowie Gomes for a hanshake Ehen you're back😊
Pff.. I have no idea why this made me cry. I guess it's extremely beautiful.
amazing. watch & listen
fantastic Commander, i had a lump in my throat seeing this, going to miss all your updates and thank you so much for your amazing photos  and videos, you are so famous back on earth, have a save return home.
+Chris Hadfield that is just awesome. And I love the current "Top Comment" on Youtube: "Chris Hadfield wins the internet"
Please, whenever you have a chance, tell us how long have you been planning to do that song up in space? How many years?
Brilliant - Was all the music arranged in space?
I use multi million dollar ISS to make a music video. And what's Your hobby?
Amazing thanks for sharing with the world :D
Brilliant's a good word.  What do you do for an encore?
+Vic Gundotra why is this not "HOT" when so much other crap is?
Change your algorithms if they don't even notice this post from the ISS!
Oh +Bob Marshall  it's HOT, it's got 530,000+ views on YouTube, and it was uploaded yesterday, that sound 'hot' to me.
Out of this Galaxy, Neva mind WORLD.A classic song.Chris Hatfield shud release it as a Tribute 2 all Astronauts. Well done!!!
Polly Y
I just LOVE your posts! This one is the best! Thank you for sharing :-)
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!
+Graeme Tucker, I know it is hot! It's even been on the BBC, however as far As I can tell this is the original post from Commander Hadfield and the first one I saw last night and it doesn't even have one of Googles little red flame symbols!
So great ! Love your posts, thank you for everything :) Wish you all the best !
AWSOME !!!! Incredible fit to the song. Well done Chris !!
Thanks for all that you have shared with us.
cannot comment about the song but seems it must be quiet interesting
I was about to say "That's what you get when you send a Maritimer to space... A bunch of music videos". But you're from Sarnia. Oh well, I'll zip my lip. :-p
+Bob Marshall  OK, I don't know what those Google things are you mention, you know more than me, I've just statred trying to use Google. :)
Thank you Commander! You have been inspiring my son and myself with your tutorials! Have a safe return home. 
Awesome. You have arguably done more globally for people's awareness and interest in space than anyone since the original moon landings. Thank you Commander Hadfield. Truly inspirational. 
A Standing Ovation for you Cmdr Hadfield. As it is my birthday tomorrow I hope you don't mind if I consider this a present to me from Humanity and I get to share it with everyone. I shed a tear at this powerful combination of science and art. Well played Sir, Well played. 
+Chris Hadfield What an excellent voice and such a meaningful way to have the lyrics mark the transition of command and your upcoming return home. Your video melded our past visions of the future with the achievements of the present. A landmark statement, Sir. We look forward to your safe return.
Amazing, thank you captain. 

Note, you can see the chemtrails from space. He is safer there than here. 
Far out and awesome, Chris, loved it!
C'est fabuleux. Cette succès mythique de David Bowie qui a fait tant rêvé des millions de gens sur Terre a été reprise par vous de façon sublime. Vous êtes vraiment l'astronaute le plus à la mode que a Station spatiale ait eu l'occasion d'acceuillir. Bravo pour votre excellent travail, vous êtes le plus grand représentant actuel du Canada. Nous avons hâte de vous revoir parmi nous et vous entendre nous raconter vos péripéties.  
Ziggy Stardust's mission is completed. 
Really good one! Safe travel back home! Thanks to your posts I guess millions of us now feel like we have personally been to ISS. For past several months I have been checking my G+ everyday just to see what Chris has on his page today. Thanks again for sharing your amazing experience! 
Commander, you are an inspiration not just for Canadian kids, but kids all over the world. What an awesome ambassador you are for Canada and for space flight. Safe trip back home and we"ll see you tonight!
Wonderfull idee and realization, there is most emotion on this clip.
Great hommage to David Bowie.
You know, as one who witnessed the landing on the moon on my little tv as a boy, and witnessing this on my little iPhone, I cried once again as a child.

I will share this with my children and grandchildren and I know they will cry too as they witness this amazing work showing God's amazing creation and our true puniness in it. Thank you, sir. 
Man.. I love that song to begin, with but this just really floored me. If you have a fraction of scientific romanticism and reverence for the point in history we occupy.. I saw this video the first time yesterday, and now I'm watching it again in the office and I'm choking up again. 

Thank you +Chris Hadfield 
Thanks so much for all the posts, this is really the icing on the cake. Happy Landings!
Chris and Evan, thank you so much for including us in the ISS adventure and making us part of Chris and the ISS crew's experience. I think a lot of us became vicarious astronauts. You made me a very proud Canadian and are an endless source of inspriration.

Safe flight back!

To those left behind on ISS, I look forward to the next chapter in the story.
+Chris Harpner The only prior I knew was Schirra's Gemini harmonica. +Chris Hadfield has ascended the arts.
Thank you, thank you, and thank you. Your sharing of your experience has been amazing to follow and this seems a fitting conclusion to your mission. Safe travels and I hope you may return. 
Excellent video, I shared this and had mom watch, she enjoyed this as well.
That is awesome +Chris Hadfield . You have been an inspiration to my kids. Safe travels and see you back on the good old earth. 
Chris I've gotten accustomed to seeing you daily but this morning I learned you are returning to Houston shortly. This morning Roseanne Scotto and Greg Kelly did a segment on this video plus you but Google Plussers have.known of you for the last few months. Your global social media approach to getting the message out about Space goes unprecedented. From Bronx, NY Vision21 Networks Management and I "Thank You!"
I would like to request Rocket Man to be your next video !
10,000 lbs of awesomeness. Thank you for all the great posts you have done. All the best good sir. 
+Chris Hadfield you are such an inspiration. You have shown how great we Canadians can be!
Wow. I replied "play major tom "
To one of your post. Cool
Out of world performance ! Just one remark to the community, Kim Kardashian 2 Mio. followers, +Chris Hadfield 288,421 followers ?
+Chris Hadfield responsible for so many young boys dreaming again of being an astronaut, mission accomplished !
You sir have done more for the promotion of the ISS than everyone ever before. I salute you! 
This is the greatest thing I think I have ever seen.
You are incredible, Chris! Thank you for everything. Safe travels home. Here's to our future! 
Not many people get the opportunity to put microgravity to creative use. Well played, +Chris Hadfield!
I hope you keep posting. I have enjoyed the class! Saw this on tv first, they said you sing so good you could give up your day job. I was born 15miles north of Boston, in Saugus, lived there for 18yrs, so thanks for the unique photo! 
So pretty much this guy is irresistible. A recent study says men that play guitars are the most attractive to women, can you now imagine if he is wearing a spacesuit? 
You are amazing. Thank you for all posting and tweeting. I commend the effort it took to share your adventure with all us earthbound. Have a safe journey home.
What an incredible send-off. I'm going to miss your updates from the space station. Thank you for your fantastic posts and for bringing a little more light and knowledge into our world. I'm proud to be Canadian. Welcome home, Commander.
This is my favourite music video. This will play every time I wake up now. 
BTW, I would have cried like a baby leaving the ISS. It must be such an amazing place.
Just amazing!! Thank you for sharing this!! It is one of my favorite songs and you just brought it to life in an amazing way!
A most excellent finale' Sir!!!
Pure awesomesauce!!
what a wonderful & moving video. i have never seen how it is to live a dream, shown in such beautiful way...
Awesome! Hope Bowie gets a chance to do this one day :-)
this burned out and i have a debate on staying  on google or stay  google 9
Meg L
You've done Bowie proud. Thank you for taking us to space with you, and for getting a whole new generation interested in both what's out there and what's down here. Safe travels everywhere you go. 
I showed this to my 4 year old today he flipped out. Vacillated between  Chatter and aw though the whole thing. He has said he wants to be an astronaut since he has been able to talk. Thank you.
I have never had anyone simultaneously push my "David Bowie" button, my "Science in Action" button, and my "Faith in Humanity" button. You have discovered my [control][alt][delete] operation +Chris Hadfield. My whole day has been rebooted. 
Well done!! Taking on a Bowie tune is daring, but you did it very well :-) And obviously you are a daring type to begin with! Be safe out there!!! And thanks for sharing.
I can't stop playing it over and over. Incredible experience for you and us here on Earth. Thank you so much, +Chris Hadfield 
This is incredible - thank you!
I hear a piano... That is not possible, right? Gutar, sure, but piano?
Oh man I hope all the aliens are tuned on you. Musical ambassadors to the universe, I couldn't feel more proud...
I want go to space to be with you =)
How ?!
to truly go where no one has gone before - present - in space - in de LIGHT!!!! many thanks and all blessings on u and yours, sir
Officially the coolest Canadian EVER!!!
Most liked comment ever! Congratulations, Commander.
I realy like David Bowie. But your performance is different. More peaceful, calm, with feeling, your. Again, beautiful!
Thank you Commander. The world needs more inspiring heroes like you sir.
I noticed that your Facebook tag is now
Col Chris Hadfield.
Congratulations on the promotion.
One year later and STILL this ROCKS!
+Chris Hadfield ,
Incredibly deep sir. This video might be the first glimpse of our earth to some people which makes the video so important. It was amazing to get that perspective. Thank You.
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