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$100 Startup: Official Trailer

Today we're debuting the official trailer for The $100 Startup. Google+ gets it first -- I've posted it on my blog but haven't mailed the list or shared anywhere else yet.

Filming and production were overseen by +Wes Wages. Wes traveled to four cities to interview several of the people whose stories appear in the book.

We're now at T-8 days until the book launches. I'll be traveling to 22 cities for the first leg of the tour, and hope to see many of you on the road. (The schedule is at

If you like the trailer, pass it on! Thanks for being a big part of this project.
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LOVE seeing familiar faces in this video!!! Can't wait to read the book. Well done Chris!
congradulations - I look forward to an audiobook version
Wooo hooo! Can't wait to read this. Chris, you are one of the few folks I am inspired by so please keep the good stuff coming!
Chris, this is a great book. You gave me one of the advanced copies at SXSW and even signed it! I liked it so much, I plan on purchasing a copy and giving two copies to friends who i think would like to read it as well.
Just got my copy in the mail today. Thanks +Chris Guillebeau for the generosity. Diving into it soon.
Love the video! I'm sure the book is packed with inspiring stories and helpful info. Looking forward to checking it out. :)
Chris, great video and right in line with what I've learned and wrote "How to Start a Business: Mac Version." All of my book publishing professionals said I HAD to do it in the more expensive solutions and I did it on a $20 solution and am selling it myself. No need for the "big guys" to make it happen. So, Mac or PC? Keep it up.
Right on Chris! Fantastic subject matter and well done on the video.
THANKS, everyone! I appreciate that. We're psyched to hit the ground running with this next week.
Looking forward to meeting you in Boston on May 9th! What's the going rate for your book?
Hitting Santa Cruz and SF both on May 30th at 7:00PM? I enjoyed your AONC book tour, so if I can, I'd love to make this one.
+Jason Scoggins Ah, no - we've had some issues with the tour schedule on the site. It's SF first (29th) and then SC (30th). 7pm both days.
Awesome. Can't wait to read it :)
This is great! Loving the book so far (got the aff. advance copy--thanks!)--so useful and practical and inspirational...and lots of words like that :)
can't wait to see you in Atlanta, Chris, May 15, 130 Krog Street. & also WDS Seattle. Save my copy of 100.startup :)
Hey Chris, just watched the trailer. What an awesome piece you created again! Really wonderful - please keep up the great great you are doing and help you are providing to people. Have a wonderful and exciting book tour. Sorry I cant be there!
Take care, B
Chris - you rock. Can't wait to finally meet you in June.
+Chris Guillebeau I've just watched this for the third time, Chris. It's probably the best book trailer I've seen yet, seriously. You really captured the essence of the book and its message here. Well done, bud.
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