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Chris Grundemann
Internet technologist. "DO" Director at ISOC. Father, friend, hacker, wrencher, reader, writer, speaker, biker, hiker, music lover... Definitely NOT a hipster.
Internet technologist. "DO" Director at ISOC. Father, friend, hacker, wrencher, reader, writer, speaker, biker, hiker, music lover... Definitely NOT a hipster.

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Why and How to Apply IT Infrastructure Equipment Standards

The demands on modern IT organizations are increasing at a rate faster than ever before. Initiatives to “go digital” abound. There is a mounting pressure to be a service provider to internal clients, making it easier for employees and customers to consume…

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Network Disaggregation and SDN

Two of the hottest trends in networking today are network disaggregation and SDN. This is great for many reasons. It’s also confusing. The marketing hype makes it hard to understand either topic. SDN has become so vague that if you ask 10 experts what it…

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Builders, XaaS, Modularity, and the Future of Business

I attended AWS re:Invent 2016 about three or four weeks ago. Being new to both AWS and to re:Invent I was an outsider again, observing with virgin eyes. This means I learned a lot. Hopefully it means I saw things a bit differently than those more fully…

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See you at AWS re:Invent!

While I find myself traveling far less than in years past (by design), I still get to poke my head out into the world of NOGs and Cons from time to time. One such opportunity is upon us this week; I’m packing up today for the 2016 edition of AWS…

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What I'm doing now, and why I came to work at Myriad Supply #myriadandme

Wow. It’s been four months since I posted anything longer than a Facebook update. That makes me feel very lazy. As is typically the case though, my laziness in writing was caused not by sloth but rather by a shift in priority. A shift in priority? My…

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Exploring IPv6: A New IPv6 Tutorial

IPv6 is making its way into more and more networks. While the worlds largest AS’ were the first to feel the IPv4 crunch and start deploying IPv6, these days any network with any growth at all is forced to pay attention. This means that knowing at least…

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35 Things I Wish I Knew Before 35

It is a cliche we’ve all used. I think I first said it 15 years ago, or so. If only I knew then what I know now. Today, having just completed my 35th trip around the Sun; I find myself doing a lot of reflecting on just what I have learned in all those…

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Juniper Tips from the JNCIA-Junos Study Guides

I’ve been a network engineer for well over a decade now. I’ve spent much of that time working on Juniper Networks devices. I even have a certification stating that I’m an expert. You might think that means I know it all by now. In fact it’s the opposite.…

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Don't be Crabby - A Lesson in Happiness

I hear that crabs thrown into a bucket are unable to escape because they keep pulling each other back down in their attempts to free themselves. If they were just able to communicate and cooperate, they could easily escape — or at the very least some of…

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The Secret to my Success:

I am my harshest critic. Still, I must admit that I have achieved some level of success in my life. I choose to define success as doing what you love, as often and as well as you can. Regardless of my many failures, I’ve been able to wind up doing…
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