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Love this pic

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John Wick was pretty awesome and Atomic Blonde is reviewing positively. So, I'd like to introduce you to Proud Mary. 

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Thinks I don't need - but you know...

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Can't argue with that.

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Spent the weekend at the cottage and despite the nice weather we still had some time to game. Didn't take pictures of everything we played but did take a picture of a few.

First pic is of Tak. Picked this game up not too long ago and had another chance to play it. With each game it's growing more and more with me. It's a simple game but I really enjoy the thinky burn. There are only three types of pieces and you either place a piece or move a piece. In that respect it's similar to The Duke, which is still my favourite abstract, but unlike the Duke pieces can be placed on any empty space, but pieces don't have random effects, you just don't know which piece your opponent will place or where. In that regard it's more like Go or Five in a row. Its a really good game and the only knock I have against it is the price. At retail. However you can get the rules for free and rather easily make your own.

Next pic was a new purchase for the weekend, Century Spice Road. This game is being described as the Splendor killer and after playing it I can see why. The game is about being the wealthiest spice merchant. Each player starts out with to basic cards one that gives you some resources and another that allows you to upgrade them. On your turn you can Aquire an action card, Play an action card, Claim a scoring card or rear to Refill your hand. Action cards are all about gaining and upgrading your resources. Then when you have the right combination of resources you can claim a score card. The flow of action cards has a deck building element to it and the flow of commodities is reminiscent of Splendor. Same goes for the score cards are similar to Nobles.

The game play is pretty quick from turn to turn but I can see some people having some AP issues. But as the game gets flowing and you start to see a strategy emerge that should diminish. As for the components the card art and quality is good, there are some cool metal coins and the insert is awesome. One other interesting aspect is they are saying this is the first game in a trilogy of games that will have mix and match components. I'm curious to see how that will work.

Other games played, Joking Hazard, Camel Up, Get Bit and some FATE Accelerated with kiddo on our way to the and from the cottage.

Pretty awesome weekend. 
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Session two of gaming with kiddo took place today on our 2 1/2 hr drive up to the cottage. Claw (kiddo's character), was patrolling the woods when she ran across a squirrel that told her about mice from Mouse Glen that needed her help. While the mice where farming, some snakes attacked and robbed them of their seeds. This was a problem because the mice wouldn't have enough to plant and they'd have a short harvest.

She spoke to their leader Grey Whisker and arranged to send along a dozen of his guards to help. But they refused to set out at night and would have to wait. That night was the planting festival and they had a party. During the party an owl attacked. Claw jumped into battle and managed to pin Old Owl down. She spared the owl and he told where the snakes were going and offered to help.

The snakes were hold up at an old mining site called The Scar. Claw decided that a bunch of snakes were too tough for her to handle a lone so she, the mice, and Old Owl headed to The Warrens to recruit some rabbits. When she arrived at The Warrens she was told that the elder rabbit was ill and couldn't speak to her. But one of the rabbits she rescued the other day was allowed to speak on his behalf and six hares joined her party.

So Claw, a dozen mice, half a dozed hares, and Old Owl headed out for The Scar. The journey was easy enough and when they arrived Old Owl pointed out the shed where the snakes were hiding. They were using a crack in the side of the building to get in and out but it was too small for Claw to enter.

She managed to open the door and sneak in but bumped a sheet of metal that came scything towards her head. She dodged forward past it but now it was blocking the door behind her. Now inside the building she saw a bunch of snakes paying tribute to an old rotting looking rattle snake, long infected and poisoned by feeding off the land of The Scar.

Claw tried to talk some reason into the old snake but it was bitter and mean and struck out at Claw. A viscous battle ensued. At one point the snake managed to entangle Claw but was unable to penetrate her armour. She fought back and ripped him off of her. He feigned an injury and as Claw tried to pin him down he tried to set off a fire to trap Claw inside. Fortunately Claw stopped him. She then howled for help and Old Owl came flying in and clawed at the old rattler. This distraction was enough to allow Claw to capitalize and finally capture the rattler.

Rattler was just broken and evil to the core and wouldn't hear of reason and redemption. Claw wasn't sure what to do as she couldn't let Rattler go but didn't want to kill him either. Rattler made the choice for her and jerkily whipped out, snapping his own neck.

Claw was trapped in the shed now but with the help of Old Owl managed to make her way out of an upper window. The mice and hares defended themselves well against the rest of the snakes, most of which fled as they were no longer beholden to Rattler. With the snakes gone the mice recovered their seeds and planting season was salvaged.

Kiddo was super into this session and now can't wait for the drive home. While we went through this adventure I also had her do up a relationship map of some of the creatures and areas in Silver Forest. 

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Tried getting kiddo into gaming a few years ago with DnD. We played a few sessions but it didn't take. She had some fun but didn't get the bug.

She's asked to play a few more times since then, but usually they were stall tactics to avoid bed time or something else. She also never really had a solid idea for the type of game she wanted to play more just that she wanted to play a magical dragon unicorn that farted rainbows and had laser eyes. But had no real idea what she wanted her dragcorn to fart rainbows at. Plus once avoiding bedtime or some other fate wasn't an option the mood passed.

Fast forward to tonight. Bed time wasn't on the table yet and she wanted to play. She also had an idea for the type of game she wanted to play. She wanted to play a Lone Wolf that defended the other animals and nature. She was the defender of Gaia. DnD wasn't really going to cut it, too many rules and systems to handle her concepts. I was thinking Cortex, but also felt it was a little advanced for her and coming up with a character takes more work as my flavour of choice is Heroic (maybe when the new edition comes out).

Anyway I let her ponder her concept some more and wanted her to give me some examples of the kinds of things her wolf would do. While she did that I pondered what system to run as she started narrowing things down. It didn't take too long for me to narrow it down to FATE Accelerated. Her concept was far more important then traditional stats and knowing her, narrating scenes was going to be more important then turns, rounds, actions, and combat modifiers.

So once we got her character created and basically set the stage as a Watership Down/Warriors(books she's reading) kind of game. I started to go over the broad rules loosely on how the dice work and that turned into her ex-pack the Silver Howlers having captured a group of rabbits in a thorny thicket as bait to lure her in. She snuck into the thicket while eluding the guards, calmed the rabbits down and got them to safety.

Of course it was a trap and while the rabbits got away she was caught and surrounded by three guards. She smashed into one and broke it against the thorns while the other two ended up running into each other head first. She got away and left three pissed off Silver Howlers behind.

Even though it was a simple scene I could see her getting into it. She wanted to play more but the call for bedtime came out. We'll see if the desire is still there after the weekend (heading to a friend's for the weekend). 

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If you aren't following this collection you really should be. 

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+Neil Robinson
Not sure if you have seen it yet or not but the Temporum expansion is in the wild. I picked up a copy last night. Haven't played it yet but it adds a bunch of new cards for the kingdoms and player decks. These cards also have a lot of new mechanics that add various tokens and bits to the game. Looks pretty solid.
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