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Let me tell you about my day... it was a long one.

I had a great time Saturday running two sessions of +Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game at Winternomicon Volume II! Thanks Ray Davis for inviting me.

I ran two different sub-adventures from our CS1 Castle by the Sea adventure (found here: Castle by the Sea presents a single set of maps with 22 numbered encounter areas, with several completely different adventures built around that map. For the morning session I ran my original Call of Doom adventure with characters averaging 3rd level, and then in the afternoon the 2nd place winner Castle of the Unknown with the same characters bumped to an average of 5th level. Both were a lot of fun to run, and I think the players had a good time too.

Special shout-out to Jason Brentlinger who could not make it. I did not realize how much of my tear-down he was doing after my sessions until I had to do it myself.

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Just wanted to mention that I'll be running two sessions of +Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game at Winternomicon II on Saturday the 19th, one at 9:00am and one at 2:00pm. The morning session will feature one of the short adventures from our CS1 Castle by the Sea multimodule, while I'm not entirely sure what adventure I'll run in the afternoon.

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This, right here, is awesome!

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Hey, thanks for the kind words!

I posted yesterday that my Kindle ebooks would be on a $0.99 sale for the next few days; it's in effect now, except for one book which I apparently screwed up on, setting the start date for tomorrow.

The books presently at $0.99 are:

Mystery Woman #1
Mystery Woman #2
Solo Jones #1: Genesis
Solo Jones #2: Changeling
Solo Jones #3: Magus

Tomorrow, the following book will be $0.99:

One Night in Slateholm

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It's kind of frustrating. I started writing and publishing books (and ebooks) about the same time I started publishing #BFRPG. I guess I should be happy that the game has become as popular as it is (and honestly, I am happy about that), but I think the only person reading my stories is my wife.


The thing is, stories take over my mind. I see a scene play out, and I know it will just keep running circles in my head until I write it down. I have half a dozen ebooks out, and while some of them are probably crap, I don't think they surely all are that way... and I pick up published books off the shelf at the bookstore, flip through them, and think, "how did this guy get people to buy his book when I can't?"

So probably I'm worse than I think I am. It's all I can take away from that fact. Still, I write. The scenes play out, the characters live and die, eat and drink and have sex and fight (not usually all in the same scene) and if I don't write the scenes down I can't relax. Then I have to write the bits in between, the glue that holds the story together, and that part is work but I have to do it.

I'm writing again. My serial superhero story Mystery Woman and the Secrets of the Guardians is underway once more... you can find it (if you want) at

I had withdrawn the whole thing and published it as an ebook series (two books, 22 chapters each) but now I've reactivated all the chapters on the website.

If any of you feel that you owe me anything (and a few have said that they do), or you even just kind of like me and would like to do me a favor, let me say that I don't want money. Read my story. Tell me what you think. If it's crap, tell me that... I won't unfriend anyone for an honest opinion. I just need to know that someone else has read what I have written.

I have a G+ page for this: For some reason, typing +Secrets of the Guardians doesn't seem to work.
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