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9.5 billion people by 2050.

It is good to see that people are making plans on how to feed everyone.

What is your plan?

The video takes us into the kitchen of a serious bug connoisseur as she prepares roasted figs with sautéed grasshoppers and bee larvae (the “bacon of the edible insect world”) — and manages to make the dish look surprisingly appetizing.
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I think they are planning for increased creating some supervirus that will be the next pandemic, wiping out 80% of world population.
+Theo Fenraven Truly dark, Theo.

They would need a certain amount of selectivity to work it. It wouldn't do to kill off all of the pipefitters and engineers living and working in Texas City, for instance. And they will need at least enough intelligent people to keep the 400+ nuclear facilities going.

Perhaps a quick EMP and let nature take its course. You could then prioritize and focus your relief efforts on the areas where you need the expertise to continue.
Or you could grab the people you want and take them with you underground. Or you could create an antidote that only those you select receive. There's all kinds of ways to make this work without losing those you need.
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