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I haven't been in here for a while.

Why do you use Google+?

Please share your thoughts :)
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Probably because it hasn't become a Facebook yet. : )
I just feel like The quality of interaction on here is higher than Facebook. I still mostly use Facebook, but I come here if I want a good in depth discussion.
+Bob Dunn that's the thing - I see it as "not facebook" rather than it's own special thing :)

+Adam Teece yes I think the level of conversation can be different but I am naturally on FB more 
I'm only here because I saw your question on Twitter. I tried G+ early on but only techies were using it at the time and even then, they used Twitter more. Still seems to be the case.

But honestly, if I want the tech crowd, I can pick brains on Twitter. Everyone else I know is on Facebook.
I use Facebook for my family only. Mainly because they are already on it. I wanted G+ to be so much more and i'm still waiting. Twitter is where the information is. It's one big info stream for me. 
Because it impacts Google search rankings. No other reason!
+Chris Garrett exactly, as +Adam Teece said, it's the quality of conversation here... even though I force myself to go to Facebook, most times I say to myself "Well, there 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back". : )
+Tony Milano Still waiting as well. The simple fact is, there is just no one here. And when we are here, we're all talking about why we're not here.
Absolutely awesome for meeting new people! Engagement is superior. Conversations are thoughtful with most people contributing.

So much potential with hangouts (I say potential because I'm not heavily using it myself - mostly on other people's hangouts). No limitations as to what you can do for your brand or just whatever.

But, again, the best part for me is meeting new people. It's a mix of networking (LinkedIn), fun and random stuff (Facebook), news (Twitter), blogging and many other things.
It reminds me of Twitter in the early days. Back when everyone on there was an actual person and not an autopost and you could really engage with and meet new people. 

And I am a heavy Picasa user and I can update my G+ right from Picasa. 

Also feel that traction for Google+ is not an "if" but a "when" so I want to be ready for that day. 

Comparing G+ to Facebook is like comparing an F22 to a Corvette.
+Jason Manheim I think the one thing G+ has over Twitter is the conversations last longer?

+Tony Milano yeah I get the feeling a lot of us are waiting for G+ to grow into something

+Bill Zipp I think the jury is out as to how much it influences Google
+Daryle Dickens there just doesn't seem to be as much activity here? Lots of registered users but less interaction
Overall, if there's not much activity for you here or you're waiting for something - you're just simply not engaging.
Same with any other network.
That was fun...meanwhile over on Twitter.......
No, by "you" I mean "you," actually. If you want I'll say it - I mean you, +Jason Manheim ;)
+Max Minzer I definitely disengaged and didn't feel a compelling reason to come back because I was engaging elsewhere.
+Chris Garrett, right. That's the point. There's not really a chance for you to find out how beautiful the network is until you actually start using it and start using it right. It was the same for me with Twitter.

I found that Google+ is not so much for self-promotion but great for communication.

And simply "posting" things doesn't work here.
+Max Minzer Well, at some point it takes others to "engage"...otherwise I'm just a crazy person talking to myself. And when everyone else is engaging elsewhere, with no apparent issues, that's where I tend to go.
+Jason Manheim, "engagement" is not the same as posting once a month with 1000 followers. Then yes - you're talking to yourself with that perspective.
+Max Minzer I never said it was. You're making assumptions now.

It doesn't matter how much I engage here if the folks I want to engage with are elsewhere.
+Chris Garrett, Google+ would be awesome for you to do Hangouts on Air and coach people about content and blogging. 

I'm a nobody here but you can take CopyBlogger to the next level starting with the audience you have here now.
+Jason Manheim, you might find that relevant:

What you're saying is true. Many people are not here. Should that stop you from interacting with different audiences? I don't think so. I thought you wanted exactly that - new, fresh audience (especially with what you do). We wouldn't chat now if not that. Great chance to meet you ;)

In any case, I only see more and more people start using it. I don't really miss anyone who's not here - I might interact with them elsewhere if absolutely necessary. I enjoy conversations here and getting out from my comfort zone.
+Max Minzer There is also a point where using social media to engage with new audiences stretches my time too thin. Facebook and Twitter give me what I need in that respect so I'm not looking to add more. 

But I do indeed see your point. The fact that many folks have given up already on G+ (or are waiting for others to give it the push it needs) just doesn't give me the push I need to interact here more. That may be a stupid decision on my part since there are many things about G+ to love, Hangouts for one.

I will say this, the conversation started on G+ are definitely more in-depth than anything on FB or Twitter. I have always wanted to engage with it more but the lack of folks, my already full schedule, and the shitty iPhone app ;) make it difficult.

Good to meet you, too. :)
I use picasa for all my pics so it seemed logical choice for sharing them with friends and family.
I've also been AWOL for a while, but every time I come back I find I like the quality of content on here. Also, many less distractions!
I will say that if G+ had a good iPad app, I would use it a lot more. The Facebook app for iPad is just very nice. 
I use it because I feel like I must, +Chris Garrett. I'm not sure what exactly it's doing for me...other than taking up more time. I keep thinking that if I had better internet (not satellite), I'd use the hangout feature to promote my book. I do love how it looks on my Iphone. Really pretty! :~) I don't engage here a whole lot, but I show up once a day or so to just check in and post something. I have more engagement and engage more on Twitter and FB. I kinda feel like I'm missing some influencers if I'm not here. Maybe I'm totally wrong.
+Nina Amir, I feel the same about Pinterest & Facebook right now.

So this one is for us:
We must act out passion before we can feel it. ~Jean-Paul Sartre
(though, I must say, I'll never have passion about Facebook ever again most likely)
+Chris Garrett Because there are people here. :) Simply put, G+ and FB and Twitter are gathering places - I like them not because they are 'so nicely designed', but because I get to meet, ask, contribute and learn.

Miss you here though :)
Because you cannot afford not to be here.
But I haven't gotten the hang of it either.
So - back to real life! ;-)
The Android app on my phone is better than the Facebook app, the Nearby function is quite novel.

I don't have as many crazy people posting crappy game requests on my profile (at the moment) :-)  

I like the 'Explore' function where I can just go and browse random posts by people around the world.

Hope things are good Chris!
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