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If I could bring myself to use multiple computers, a mini would be my first choice to stay locked to my desktop.
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So it would be your first choice as a second computer?
Yeah. I need to be mobile, so I've been using a laptop as my only computer since 2003.

Sometimes, though, it would be nice to have a desktop at home, and just use the laptop for "away," but I'm terribly disorganized and fear I'd end up having some problem with data syncing. I'm sure Back To My Mac would probably save my skin, but the anxiety is still a mental hurdle I just haven't been able to surmount.
I'm trying to decide on MacBook Air vs Pro (currently have old MacBook and iPad) 'cos need to be mobile for my business but need to do music production at home - still not decided but using your June article to help figure out the best system for speed/power/mobility across music and work. So thanks for that. :)
Retina MacBook Pro would be a fine choice, but you might benefit from the older MacBook Pro. With a $500 lower staring price, you can outfit it with more RAM and a speedt SSD for about the same money, and optionally remove the optical drive and replace it with a high-capacity HDD for extra storage.
Wonderful, thank-you! Thinking retina's a luxury I don't need, so that sounds good to me - cheers for that!
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