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Finally really feels like Spring here in Grand Rapids! Took the opportunity to get out and do some walking downtown yesterday, and caught this photo #throughglass  of this awesome mural that was painted during last year's #ArtPrize  event.

Happy Spring, G+ friends!
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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The Large Hadron Collider is back up and running, after two years of maintenance and a host of improvements to the system.

Here's to all the scientists and engineers involved, can't wait to see what they discover this time around.

Certainly a cause for celebration if ever there was one! Happy Monday, G+ friends!
After more than two years of maintenance and upgrade work, the Large Hadron Collider has come back to life and will run at higher energies than ever. The ring-shaped collider produces conditions just milliseconds after the Big Bang.
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accountability is tedious 
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+Kitleigh Evans is already up to drawing #42 of 100 in her excellent Drawing of the Day series! 

Check out her +Clock In The Sky Illustration page for the previous forty-one awesomely bizarre abstract pieces!

#originalart   #pencildrawing  
Drawing of the Day, Day 42

Here's the 42nd drawing in my series of 100 (1 every day)! Pencil on paper, cut out by hand, affixed to a purple background. 4" x 6".

Check out the sticker!

See past drawings here:
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Happened to catch this shot through Glass (edited in the G+ photo editor) earlier today while perusing a dollar store with +Kitleigh Evans

Probably not a photo subject I'd normally consider share-worthy, but there's just something about the colors after editing that I find really striking.
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Another Milestone!

Wow, hit the 60,000 follower mark this morning! I know that numbers like this are fairly meaningless (although it is nice!), and quality content is really what it's all about, so I'll continue do my best to bring you all just that.

Thanks, citizens of G+, much love!
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+B-dub 7ER4IAY8 If it's really only a third, that's really not too bad at all! :)
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This is so awesome!

Congrats to the +Google Chrome team, and everyone else involved, on hitting #1000ChromeExperiments !

If you love the Web, Google, Chrome, data, or just totally rad stuff, do yourself a favor and check this out!
Join us in celebrating 1,000 Chrome Experiments with a special experiment that visualizes all the experiments built over the past 6 years. Thanks to all the creators who built these beautiful web experiences and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. 

Explore all 1,000 Chrome Experiments:

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Just testing out the new version of #Snapseed

Verdict?: Super awesome!

If you want incredible photo editing power on the go, this is what you've been waiting for.

(And for those not yet seeing the new version in the Play Store, here's a link to the APK: )
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You'll love it even more now. +Wolf Hentschel, this update is fantastic!
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Happy birthday, +Mark Bruce, truly hope it is an awesome one!

Much thanks for all the time and effort you've put into sharing news of all the increasingly amazing scientific/technological breakthroughs occurring week after week. It is greatly appreciated!

SciTech #ScienceSunday Digest - 12/2015.
Permalink here:

Consciousness is global, CLIP 3D printing, Neuromorphic optical computing, Silicon photonic switches, DNA molecular transport, Magnetised graphene, More drone advances, Robotic arms, Targeted nucleic acids, Nanoparticles click. 

1. Network Theory and Global Consciousness.
Recent brain imaging studies strongly suggest that consciousness, our rich conscious experience, is indeed a global rather than local phenomenon in the brain Network or graph theory was used in this case to examine the links between various parts of the brain that were related to conscious awareness; in this case subjects reported when they were aware of a small disk flashed briefly on a screen while an fMRI scanner imaged the activity of their brains. The data suggested that the whole of the brain became more functionally connected following reports of awareness. This would also appear to provide experimental support for Tononi’s Integrate Information Theory of Consciousness. 

2. CLIP Optical 3D Printing Technology.
If you missed this one this week you were living under a rock - everyone was sharing and watching the amazing new 3D printing technology unveiled by Carbon3D this week CLIP stands for Continuous Liquid Interface Production and involves the use of a projector to programmably solidify discrete regions of a UV-curable liquid resin as the growing part is pulled out of the resin bath. This is forming solid structures in three dimensions continuously, without a print-head, and is 25x to 100x faster than conventional approaches on the market. A potentially transformative technological evolution, only now emerging from stealth-mode after heavy venture backing. Oh, and it does 1 micron resolution too; be sure to watch the videos if you haven’t already. In related news commercial interests develop open-source algorithms for better 3D printing

3. Brain-Like Computing with Light.
Microofibers produced from chalcogenide glasses possess a range of optical properties that allow them to be used to replicate a range of equivalent neuron and brain functions and signal protocols These can be thought of as photonic neurons that might one day enabled neuromorphic hardware with ultrafast signal transmission speeds, higher bandwidth and lower power consumption than their biological and electronic counterparts. The paper concluded: “we implemented an optical axon in an amorphous metal-sulphide microfiber that enables photonic synapses to perform analogues of fundamental neurophysiological functions of the mammalian central nervous system.” 

4. Large-Scale Silicon Photonic Switches.
In related photonics news the largest-ever silicon photonic switch has been developed, which enables higher bandwidth and lower energy losses Previous photonic switches incorporated just 64 switching elements but the new design manages 2,500 and 10k should be feasible. Existing architectures would never be able to scale to this level due to optical losses, but the new architecture circumvents this problem by incorporating new MEMS switching element that can switch states 1,000 times faster than existing MEMS switches. Applications include computing, networking, data transmission and routing. 

5. Tethered DNA Origami for Molecular Transport.
Advancing on the work of DNA origami “walkers” to transport molecular cargo across a surface this latest work simplifies and accelerates the process by using a tethered DNA origami molecule that is free to swing around and facilitate rapid molecular transport across surfaces in conjunction with natural diffusions processes The concept here is to use partial compartmentalisation that is able to rectify and utilise brownian motion to advantage, and the embodiment was a 30nm atomically-precise DNA arm swinging a molecular cargo around on a 90nm x 60nm platform.  Future hurdles to overcome include interfacing with the outside world and other applications include structured DNA sensing and computing arrays. 

6. The Benefits of Magnetised Graphene.
A simple and robust method for magnetising graphene with hydrogen has been developed The magnetism can be controlled by adding or limiting the amount of hydrogenation, and a commercial electron-beam process can then etch away hydrogen to produce precisely defined magnetic patterns on the graphene. Applications include magnetic data storage of course, but it will be quite a stretch to see if they can actually achieve the million-fold improvement over current hard drives that they claim as “possible”. Tightly packed magnetic graphene might also make for much more powerful permanent magnets and this would also be worth exploring. In related news graphene quantum dots get better

7. More Drone Advancements.
A few of interesting drone developments this week. First, drones can now be used to build high-resolution 3D scans of landmarks and larger areas, and as drone traffic and capabilities increase this might lead to high resultion 3D maps of the entire planet. Second, a new hybrid gas-electric drone has 13 times the range of a battery electric drone, with a flight time of 2.5 hours and a range of 100 miles, which is pretty damn amazing when you think about it. Finally, leading on from last week’s cockroaches, other researchers are flying beetles via remote control

8. Easy-to-Program Robotic Arms Take Another Step.
A couple of important robot arm advances this week. First, Universal Robotics launched its new UR3 robotic arm in three different sizes This is an easy to program multi-articulated robotic arm for a wide range of repetitive tasks that is safe to work near humans. Rethink Robotics also followed up its previous Baxter robot by launching the new Sawyer Robot which is again an easy to program multi-articulated robotic arm (unlike Baxter’s two) that incorporates a range of improvements to make it smaller, faster, stronger, and more precise It’s great to see competition heating up in this area and ongoing technical improvements delivering ever-better robotic capabilities. 

9. Targeted Nucleic Acid Drugs.
Nanoparticles (of gold or lipid in this case) that are coated with 100+ strands of DNA of specific sequence have been termed “spherical nucleic acids” and recently demonstrated very effective immunomodulatory properties The DNA is designed to target different cell receptors and in the this “spherical” form proves to be one of the most simple, efficient, and potent immunomodulators to be developed, with significant promise against cancer and autoimmune disorders. And also this week we had specific microRNAs being used in tissue regeneration, effectively - and temporarily - boosting cell proliferation to take the place of damaged tissue

10. Nanoparticulate Click Chemistry.
A tough choice for number ten this week, but I went with the deceptively simple and innocuous click chemistry technique developed for easily and controllably joining nanoparticles together and to other surfaces Click-chemistries are usually used to precisely control the chemical connection of one molecule to another as part of a defined synthetic step, but in this work the concept was adapted to nanoparticles and allowing the quick and permanent bonding of nanoparticles together and to solid substrates. Think ordered arrays of different nanoparticles, even quantum dots, in defined patterns working to perform some function. 

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Thanks Chris :)
I was nice, relaxed, and a little indulgent!
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Ten to go!

Managed to finally acquire a Wii Fit Trainer today, thanks to 

Now only 4 rares and 6 commons to go to complete the currently available #SmashBros series!

#Nintendo   #amiibo  
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Got up to around 55° F today in Grand Rapids! Decided to celebrate with a riverfront walk with +Kitleigh Evans

Here's to an awesome spring 2015!
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The Radiant Hero of Legend

Been trying to track this guy down for a while now, finally got lucky!

#photography   #amiibo   #Nintendo   #SmashBros   #FireEmblem  
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+Chris Foote VERY Super Cool and Awesome Ike Amiibo you've got here, bro!
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The Master of Aura joins the battle!

#photography #amiibo #Nintendo #SmashBros #Pokemon
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nice collection
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Fast service, friendly staff, and great sub bread.
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Fast service, good prices, and our waitress was excellent.
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Visited on Thursday at the start of happy hour. Service was good, food came fast. BLTT was pretty good, and the fries were excellent.
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Great service and some of the best cheap food in Grand Rapids.
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24 reviews
Excellent gyro, and the staff was very friendly.
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Staff was friendly. Food came fast even though it was fairly busy. Cowboy burger was quite good.
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Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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