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Young human brains + the information/tutorials/lessons/forums-for -worldwide-discussion now available to everyone (well, available to around 3.2 billion people currently, but getting there!) on the Internet = a whole new level of awesome coming from the newer generations unlike anything we've ever seen before. 

As technology continues to evolve exponentially (more humans coming online to share/build upon their knowledge with one another, cybernetic/computational upgrades in humans, brain-computer interfaces, etc), it's gonna be a wild ride!
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+robby hart Say what?
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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+Google Glass team: Will this have any impact on Glass' ability to automatically back up photos, or will it be able to auto back up to +Google Photos with no issue?
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Thanks for the reassurance, +Google Glass team! Have been worried about this a while now. Happy Friday, as well!
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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So lucky to have such an awesome partner! :D
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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A surprisingly good mix!

Happy weekend of the 4th, G+ friends!
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Yet another week of astounding sci/tech breakthroughs. It's an incredible time to be alive! 

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to compile and share these, +Mark Bruce!
SciTech #ScienceSunday Digest - 25/2015.
Permalink here:

Cheap genomic sequencer, Nuclear batteries, Translating brain signals, Machine learning, Powerful software, Genetic aging programs, Graphene collection, Cellulose 3D printing, Locks control GMOs, Robot hands & legs. 

1. MinION: Quick, Cheap Genome Sequencing
The palm-sized MinION DNA sequencer, which plugs in via USB to a PC and sequences DNA samples using a novel nanopore architecture, continues to make strides with both length and number of sequence reads The device has now passed low-accuracy concerns with better error correction and for the first time can produce complete bacterial genome sequences and should eventually be able to tackle mammalian genomes. 

2. Nuclear D Cell Battery
Some groups are trying to develop 5 watt nuclear-powered regular D-sized batteries that derive their energy from the decay of small amounts of radioisotopes contained within a tungsten casing that provides shielding and generates heat Applications include power sources for mini-satellites and long-lived remote devices. Energy densities are typically 5 - 6 orders of magnitude bigger than for conventional chemical batteries. 

3. Translating Brain Activity to Speech
A new brain-to-text system has been demonstrated that captures the brain signals from an electrocorticography electrode array placed on the surface of the cortex and can decode these signals and reconstruct the basic phonemes, words, and complete sentences to generate corresponding text Error rates remain high but this is still a good proof-of-principle; the immediate hope is to develop the device as a means of communication for locked-in patients. Future possibilities include advanced brain-computer interfaces for people, parallels to DARPA’s neocortical modem project come to mind, and I also wonder if the reverse mechanism could be used in input speech as well. 

4. Trio of Machine Learning Developments
First, Google’s DeepMind has a deep learning system that learns to read and develop an “understanding” of the grammatical links and causal relationships between entities in the text and so summarise key points that aren’t explicitly stated by the text Second, a deep learning system can now beat humans in the verbal reasoning component of IQ tests Third, IBM’s machine learning technology is being open sourced as part of its big push for the Spark cluster computing framework

5. Duo of Powerful Software Tools
Leading on from the machine learning pieces I had to include these additional tools that look very promising. First, the demonstration of a fact-checking algorithm that was trained on Wikipedia data and automatically generated a knowledge graph complete with truth scores assigned to each factual relationship and was able to consistently match the performance of human fact checkers. Second, a new algorithm provides significant improvements in predicting which mutations in a given genome sequence are likely to have the largest effect on the activity of regulatory elements for genes, providing not just insights for disease but also design possibilities for targeted regulatory control via CRISPR for example

6. Aging via Genetic Programming
The theory of aging being due to evolutionary selection and associated genetic programming has been getting a bit more coverage lately with a study looking at simple simulated organisms that consistently demonstrated the emergence of a built-in life expectancy that helped preserve species integrity over time under spatial and resource constrained conditions The result is interesting but not definitive and has attracted critiques and rebuttals from other more mainstream groups such as aging as accumulation of damage. 

7. Graphene NEMS, Dots, & Lights
First up this week we have graphene being demonstrated in the thinnest visible on-chip light source ever Second, a graphene coating on the copper wires or traces that connect components on computer chips boosts transmission speed in these connectors by 17% now and possibly 30% in future Third, graphene electrodes provide significant improvements to piezoelectric MEMS and NEMS resonators Finally, graphene quantum dots can produce LED-type displays with brightness exceeding that of standard devices

8. 3D Printing Cellulose
A new technique allows cellulose (very strong polymer of linked glucose units) from wood to be mixed with a hydrogel and used as a 3D printing material for the first time; drying the final print to remove the water and leave behind the strong scaffold of cellulose is a key step This is interesting in the sense of not being a plastics / hydrocarbon based printing material, and mixing other components can produce cellulose inks with a range of properties such as electrical conductivity. In related news 3D printing in colour is set to get better, and 3D printing inflatable, flexible, stretchable structures is pretty promising

9. Controlling GMOs with Molecular Locks
 A better lock-and-key mechanism allows for better control of genetically modified organisms In addition to the genetic modifications of interest one or more of a number of genes that are essential to the survival of cells are also engineered so as to produce proteins whose functional shape is dependent on the presence of a particular non-natural compound; without this compound as an easily available nutrient the cell reverts to its default state: death. This isn’t perfect or foolproof for a number of reasons but does build on similar mechanisms being employed by CRISPR for example to controllably induce the desired genetic activity. 

10. Better Robotic Hands and Legs
The bebionic small prosthetic hand for amputees was announced this week, billed as the “world’s most lifelike hand” and using miniaturised components to mimic the functions of a real hand Meanwhile the new Durus robot has demonstrated ultra-efficient walking abilities after a large research project aimed at optimising the efficiency of every possible aspect of robotic walking, and ending up with a far more human-like gait that is 20x more efficient than ATLAS and currently allowing the 80kg robot to walk 10km with just the on-board 2.2 kWh battery

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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Barring Art Prize, Festival of the Arts is the biggest yearly festival in Grand Rapids. Looking forward to playing for everyone down there with +Ars Nova on Saturday!
Only two days left until our performance at the 2015 Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts!

If you're going to be in the GR area, come on down, check out our set (3:45 - 4:15 on the City Stage), and then come say hello afterward! 
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You're gonna be down there, McCann? Right on!
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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And the exponential technological growth train keeps on a-rollin'!
Intel and Micron team up to build the first new class of memory since 1989. It's 10 times more dense, 100 times more robust and 1000 times faster than conventional NAND flash.
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+Doug Truex , Oddly, when USB drives were first introduced, the transfer speeds were limited by the transmission interface, not by the flash read/write time. That changed with USB2. I'm curious what the comparison is between 3Dmemory access speeds and USB3 transfer speeds.
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Happy birthday, +Brad Acker! Hope it's a fantastic one!
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+Brad Acker I hear 65 is the new 40! ;) 

At any rate, here's to another 65 (or 65,000) for ya!
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Taking a quick break from the #GR8BitLive video games convention in downtown Grand Rapids for some Centennial and a sandwich at +Founders Brewing Co.​ with +Kitleigh Evans​.

Hope all of your Saturdays are going equally as well!
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Looking through my photos from the weekend, seems like the Great Googley Gif'n Genie has been working overtime. I thought this one came out particularly well.

Happy Tuesday, G+ friends!
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Finally got my record player working again!

Hope everyone's having an equally awesome Sunday!

#vinyl #itsagoodday
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That is fantastic!!. I wish I had the interest to dig mine out as all that
vinyl has songs I loved so much. Well done.
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Chris Foote (anakette)

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Snapped this shot with my Nexus 6 yesterday at +New Holland Brewing Company​'s annual #HatterDays street party.

The only post processing I did at all was a touch of +Snapseed​'s Glamour Glow. Really happy with how it turned out.

Prints of this photo, along with greeting cards, throw pillows, duvet covers, and tote bags are now available at:
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Thanks, +Gail Rich!
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Fast service, friendly staff, and great sub bread.
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Fast service, good prices, and our waitress was excellent.
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Visited on Thursday at the start of happy hour. Service was good, food came fast. BLTT was pretty good, and the fries were excellent.
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Great service and some of the best cheap food in Grand Rapids.
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24 reviews
Excellent gyro, and the staff was very friendly.
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Staff was friendly. Food came fast even though it was fairly busy. Cowboy burger was quite good.
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reviewed a year ago
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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reviewed 2 years ago