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Chris Fitzgerald Walsh
Learn. Design. Teach. Eat Chocolate.
Learn. Design. Teach. Eat Chocolate.

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Nice pitch deck template. Worth playing with!

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My latest blog post: "Designing for Tinkerability" with kudos to +Mitchel Resnick +Eric Rosenbaum and

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Hey There -

I'm Chris Fitzgerald Walsh from the SF Bay Area. I work for New Tech Network, a nation non-profit trying to transform teaching and learning through  project-based learning, technology, and a culture of collaboration. We are part of large national effort around Deeper Learning, and there are a number of our partner organizations interested in MOOCs - so this is perfect.

I also produce an internet TV show for educators called The Infinite Thinking Machine. You can connect with me on Twitter (@fitzwalsh). 

I look forward to learning alongside everyone!

Happy World Teacher's Day! #teachersrock  

Wow! Testing out the new FB integration with Google+. If all goes well - this will be cross-posted to my public posts on Google+! Fingers crossed.

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Just installed "Publish Sync" Chrome extenstion to connect Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. Anyone else using this? Anyone know anything about this company?

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Great video about New Tech on MSNBC's "Making the Grade" yesterday!
Check it out:

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"Gecho: A Google Apps Lover Story" - slides and embedded links on how NTN's LMS (Echo) was the love child of Drupal and Google Apps.
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