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So there I was... re-watching the BSG Mini-Seres for next week's Jupiter@Nite, and I spot this little gem 14:45 into episode 1, it's the Serenity!
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will g
The same company did the CG. That is why a firefly is there.
Rex Su
i think there the original USS Enterprise was in the miniseries as well.
It's a transport ship. Firefly class. They still make those?
And with Sunday productivity is ruined...Firefly marathon it is.
They actually mention that in the commentaries on Firefly.
e shep
That's awesome! This alone makes me want to rewatch the series just to see what I missed.
I noticed that as well, Chris. When I saw it I was giddy as a school girl on her way to prom. lol...
Love a good geek easter egg. What would have been even better is for a part to be flying off serenity while it was flying by.
If you want another laugh do a search for Star Trek ships that have appeared in Firefly, there's a LOT of them.
Thanks for the links +Stephen Caporn I know I want to cover this stuff in this week's J@N, it would be a blast to collect a bunch of them to cover!
You found that now? LOL. I spotted that on first sight. Browncoats forever, man!
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