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Today's In Depth Look is OUT: I share my insights on starting a new Podcast.

BIG STOked today, LIVE in an hour too!
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+Chris Fisher Do you think you can podcast too often? I refuse to listen to any podcast that has more than one episode per week. There's just too many out there and I'm already way behind, although I might make an exception for LAS. :) Also, what do you think is a good length? I think I'm the opposite of most people because for audio I generally prefer the shorter ones and for video the longer.
+Chris Fisher Great show Chris. I'd love to follow a YouTube channel that was dedicated to this type of content. I'm not into gaming at all, so it doesn't make much sense to subscribe to your channel. But I'd love to soak up all of your content related to podcasting and video blogging! btw - where can I follow your wife's show? Thanks!
+Robert Killingsworth More than once a week is a lot of work, which can burn someone out. Also, if the topic is not rich enough.. I'd worry about running out of content.

+Ileane Smith Check out +FauxShow and we also post them over on our site.
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