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a freakin hilarious parody, yet scary how true it is. >.< (also, since i'm in my 30's, it's kinda depressing)
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30s are the new teenage.. u r neither too young nor too old... i'm in my 30s too!
I literally just finished putting Tiger Balm on my aching knee >_> Old Age Le Sigh 
I already find it depressing and I haven't reached the 20s yet! Please don't make me 20! Please don't! Time is going too fast! Life is like a roller coaster! It short and fast!
I am in my 40's and in great shape. Its all in the attitude and lots of running.
I agree this how our fucking life every day lol 
I can relate to a lot of this and I'm 20. Fuck. 
by mid 40s everyone gets used to of it (whatever that is)
Forget the prostrate exam; life begins at your welcome-to-50 colonoscopy!
Well you'd say that as you are in your 30's! Though being younger I agree! 50 for me is the old age line...
This is very depressing. Live life everyday!
It's funny because it's true.
So funny.... if you excuse me, I'm off to top myself!
Not sure if I should be still laughing or really depressed as I'm 36 so not sure where I fit but that was hilarious lmao!
Funny.... :o)  I'm 47 and I'm fitter and healthier than I've ever been.  life's what you make it.
I'm 41. Not old at all. Let's face it, most of us live until 80 or more these days, why do we put all the emphasis on the first 20 years!? Plus the first 5 or 6 of those years are only remembered in fragments which basically means that roughly 15 years is being young. Sod that! Be as young as you want to be. 
For all of you stressing about being 30 something...chill, believe me, in 10 years you'll be wishing you were.
If you think that sucks in your 30's try doing it in your 40's. 
Life is too short for the wrong things
yeah, I hate that, just turned 40, though I seem to be in rude health compared to some of these folks
I'm pushing 30 and I'm already afraid of it, especially that I still haven't done a lot of my plans.. I'm getting old
Bt y bst 30 age....i dnt think so
psml just learning Photoshop (needed it to hide the wrinkles on profile pic just need to lean how to add some hair now) no blog yet!
Sam Bao
How is cold hard truth funny,liars are alot funnier
Not really thinking about the past 42 years but look forward to face another 42 years...with God will.
Damn u got to be knotious to see your thirties as such pooooooor guy

+1 if you are lazy to write "LOL" ! ;)
30!!! I'm so old i cant even remember my 30'th birthday. Just sit back and enjoy (life). 
Life is a struggle but only the strong survive
Life starts when you are born...
... it finishes when you start worrying about how old you are.
Well, there's absolutely no hope for me, then (30's just a vague memory)!
This video makes me happy that I'm 17 LOLZ
ohhh... those fn' dinner parties... are almost the worst!
... the worst, I imagine would be: Kangaroo-Carrying Somebody else's baby... and pretending you love him/her as much as if s/he was yours...
Well that's just Wonderful... after watching this HORRIFYINGLY true video.. now I feel like absolute Crap! ... thanks! 
Oooh ! Cheer up It all goes away when You hit 60 ! Time then to start again from the Beginning ,Brain Auto' Re-boots n Second Childhood starts to kick in. Lol ! 
spot on  !! at last a theme song I can relate to ;(
So that's what I got to look forward to. Awesome! 
Too true, Andrew. No one knows how old I am because I don't act like it, whatever that's supposed to be. Some think I'm still in my 40's. I wish!
So F'n funny!!! But I'll be 40 in April :/
Video is Funny ! So depressingly True,from 30- 50 life is hard to say the least.It's a F' Trauma if I had to describe it in truth ! Lol ! and apparently statistics say ,if you survive to be 55 still in good health chances are you will go on pretty damn Strong for a long time ! But the bug is "Everyone is different" and life has no guarantees !?
Ye yu quite right i'm just over 50 with no F'cn sleeples Fcn nite
"Tonight.... We aren't young..." Catchy parody. I'm 24 and just about to start exploring the world.. I better make good use of my time from here on out! Haha
I don't know. I'm heading towards the end of my 30's and so far it has been the best, most fascinating and most satisfying decade of my life. Can't wait to see where the trip goes next.
Hey thirty-somethingers, at least your not fifty-something.
As a newly 40 y/o, I approve of this message.
I understand how you feel, but take if from someone who just entered their 50's -- 30 is young ... trust me.
Anyone else notice the Yahoo comedy group resorting to using Google to search for boobies? 
Hahaha! It's so funny! :-D Good that I'm not there yet! =D
This is old already
Age is just a number, Baby...
Start focusing on it and it will wear you down.
I'm 58 and that video is dead on!!!!
What the hell happen????
I'm old with a shit load of responsibilities.
I've gone from "stud" to "creepy" if i still do anything that a younger person would probably do.
But, maybe there IS some truth in the statement "you are as old as you think you are".
Still... Love the video. You have to laugh at ones self!

The truth is, happiness comes with age. In my early 40's and loving life. It helps that I stay very fit. Good diet and lots of exercise. Keep learning and you will never grow old. 
Just turned 20 and this song made me feel like shit...... I thought it was for people in there 30's!? :(
Wtf? Just turned 20 and this song made me feel like shit...... I thought it was for people in there 30's!? :(
Hilarious and depressing. Yes!
Don't believe the hype, I had a ball in my 30s and still having a ball at 57 with 6 gchlidren. Life is great.
scared here and  just about to become 25 next year and still haven't been able to make my own income :( and everybody around me is way younger than me and pushes me around. #FML
Nearly 50 ache all over when i get up looking forward to a weeks cycling trip round france with my 24 year old son next year have trouble cycling to shop at mo. Life dont talk to me about life just get up and live it
I pissed on my pants !!!!!!
Great work!
I'm 30 and this is the best time of my life !!!!
I'm in my 30's and my girl friend still waiting for a ring . 
Haha. Sad but true. Wait until you hi FORTY!!!!! Keep it up more funny songs. :-)
You don't necessary need to degrade in your 30's, you just won't progress without the effort anymore, which is not the end of the world, me thinks.
It's funny, and makes me appreciate that I am still in my 20s thanx for sharing.

And for those who felt sad cuz of it, that's life just enjoy it one day at a time! 
Get of my lawn, you kids!!
Going to live my life to the fullest with no regrets. Thanks for waking me up. 
hahahahahahahahahahaha luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
in my 60,s and its great !!!!!!!!
hahaha im 12 and theyre doing old school stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Worse and as funny....." We are OLD..70s-80s same idea..
OMG... That's way too scary! I'll need another drink NOW!

Ryan Ng
Lol I'm only 21 and this is funny
Fuck you old fuckers I'm 39 and feel like I'm18 lol
sad but funny!  Thanks for sharing.  xox <3
Dudes. I'm like 37, with the intellect of a 47, and the maturity of a 27. And somehow I can SO RELATE to this vid.

Hollywood and soceity has convinced us that we'll be young forever but when we look at ourselves in the mirror we see the real person looking back at us...

Funny and sad at the same time. When we are young we want to grow up then we grow up and want to be young again:) I bet there are lots of people 50+ wishing they where in the 30's again. Just make the best of where you are at and what you have!!
Q aI
Fuck not watching the damn thing. I got depressed just by reading the comments. :p
This is only true if you let it become reality. Peter pan syndrome till death 
by the way, thanks for all the crazy amounts of engagement, re-sharing, comments, etc on this folks! happy holiday weekend to all my American engagers, & to the rest of you, hope you have an excellent weekend & rest of the week as well! :)
Love it genious. Thank you 4 sharing. 
I turn 30 in 2 weeks.  I already pretty much feel like this.
I'm 15. *Sits back with his hands behind head*
Q aI
Well yeah +King Cris im sure it's gonna make me conscious of all sorts of things. Dont want and need that right now. Im 32 and depression free and would love to keep it that way. So thanks +Christopher Fink :)
loooooooool , funny hilarious parody
Why doesn't anyone ever promote the truth?That we are what we consume,not what we rub on ourselves.I find it hillarious that people consume everything that pleases them and then spend countless dollars to repair the damage.People are funny.
39.  I  must be old, since I don't know the song that this parody is based on...
In Chinese culture life begins at 40 for men. Basically what that means is mid life crisis at 40. 
It's ok because I'm never growing up no matter how old I look! >:D
Too friggin' hilarious and oh so true!!!
you think thats bad? should listen to teens who turn 20, thats life ending right there..
wait till you're in your 70's life can be fun again
Ivy G
what can I say?? it's true.........funny though
глянцевые обложки пестрят, заманчивыми картинками на любую тему,но нет главного ценность чего неприложна если все имеет цену  то жизнь бесценна ибо любой человек бесценен,но что нужно тебе-доброта? любовь, нежность, взаимопонимание?  солнце еще не злое оно нежно касаеться щек,земля дарует цветы.верни это себе ок!
I always read your comments hai its lovely .
This is awesome and hilarious. Been there, done that, came out the other side stronger!! Live life, that's why you are here, it's Fun.
I find it depresing and am barly 20
Hehehe, I am 40'ish & totally over that. But so true for my 30's. Love the parody!!!!
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