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yup... once the dominoes start falling, no matter how slowly it happens, it will continue until they all, fall, down.
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+Jacques Dupuis i had pegged it loosely to December of last year, for the dissolution of the EU, & disappearance of the euro currency, but it seems like it will be drawn out for a while. Greece is nearly done, Spain is ramping up to join them, now we have Cyprus, & Italy has been hanging on, barely staying above water for a while now. Ireland & Portugal only need Greece to exit and/or Spain to get a big bailout or get their debut cut, & they will likely start their downward spiral all over again. and people say, oh, that won't affect the US at all. we will be fine. um... no. i have no training in banking or economics, yet i'm smart enough to see how global everything is these days. it WILL affect us, & noticeably too!
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