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Chris Field
Passionate about new technology, augmented reality, mobile marketing, social media, mobile apps, online marketing and digital advertising.
Passionate about new technology, augmented reality, mobile marketing, social media, mobile apps, online marketing and digital advertising.

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Great post on B2B Marketing #b2b   #b2bmarketing   #b2bsales .
Here's a must-read from +Think with Google about the changing face of B2B marketing.
The changing business-to-business landscape has major implications for all B2B marketers.  
#ThinkWithGoogle   #B2B   #B2BMarketing   #Marketing   #MarketingTips   #businesstips   #BusinessToBusiness  

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If you missed it live, watch Chris & Trevor's AMA on lighting right here:

Happy Friday everyone!
I need some help with an existing Google Analytics implementation.  My client uses a reservations booking engine called IQRez by IQWare (  The issue is when the visitor goes to my client's website it tracks perfectly on G.A.  When the visitor clicks on "Check Availability" for a hotel room, they jump over to the booking engine on IQRez's platform.  There is G.A. on that portal as well but the tracking gets lost when the visitor selects a hotel room make the booking and then end back up on my client's website.  Something is going wrong with the hand-off and I need help. 
Can anyone help?

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Photo from my commute to work on Monday morning.  Sad news about the plane crash in #Aspen  over the weekend.

Hey social media friends!  What services do you use for images for your social media and blog posts?  Are there any stock photo sites that are free or cheaper than iStock?  I think the posts need great images but I don't want to pay $15 per image and we won't steal someone else's photos.  Any advice?

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My latest blog post defining inbound marketing.  Let me know what you think.
After spending a few hours at Aspen High School today teaching the kids about branding, SEO and social media, I was inspired to write a blog post titled "What is Inbound Marketing" - I hope you enjoy it. ^Chris

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Inbound Marketing begins with content.  You have to create great content that engages your audience. 
As usual, +Avinash Kaushik elegantly explains things.

We love the latest Avinash post, which includes some good visuals to provoke your team's thinking. The below image included in the post is reminiscent of Seth Godin's adage of being "Unique, Useful and Updated." Check out the whole story for some Monday inspiration at:

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Two valuable answers in this video:
(Min 0 - 4.50) How to reduce your site's bounce rate & increase conversion rates?
(Min 4:51 - 10:13) What are the two or three metrics you should pay attention to not to any other metric in the universe?

Both sets of answers will surprise you, especially the second one. 

This video was a part of interviews with the wonderful +Stephen Woessner of Predictive ROI conference. 

There is a full 30 min version of this interview, should you want more delights and joy, : ), here: 

#convertdataintoaction   #smartanalytics  
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