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+Green Hornet​ I'm curious how it would have performed less aftermarket suspension.
Find out 3 simple ways to improve your FR-S. Let us know your tuning tips in the comments below!
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I like shiney things and squirrels 🙌
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If you haven't tried Songza yet you should but now Googles play music offers up the same with commercials. True internet radio. 
As Apple Music nears its June 30th launch, Google is getting more aggressive about trying to sell users on its own Google Play Music service. Today the company is launching a free, ad-supported...
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I was enamored by the production technology of this vehicle but the performance has really won me over. My new dream car. Koenigsegg One:1
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Yup. My dream car. I've always loved the Koenigs 
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Sharing for the cause.
Wheels To The Max & Metr0maniac32

We’re very excited to announce our next opportunity drawing for Wheels To The Max generously donated by  +Alfonso Lares, Agent Metr0maniac32.

This opportunity drawing will be for two tickets to Disneyland, CA. The tickets are good through December  31, 2016 and for one park only. You will have opportunities to purchase tickets in person and on-line until 7/14/2015.

Buy your tickets here:

Get more details here:

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Not Familiar With Wheels To The Max?
Wheels To The Max is a cross-faction, global organization that is raising $9,000 dollars. Our goal is to replace a 15 year-old manual wheelchair with a brand new, custom-fitted titanium chair for Agent GiMpStEr, AKA Max Meier III. We’re at 61% of our goal.

Learn more about Wheels To The Max at our website

Join our G+ community

#WTTM #WheelsToTheMax #Ingress #MissionsForGood #AgentsInAction
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Singapore Ingress players ( from both factions, Enlightened and Resistance, come together to create a heart using links and fields in support of Pink Dot SG (, the annual rally to support the Freedom to Love regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

#PinkDotSg #FreedomToLove #WhereLoveLivesSg
#Ingress #Resistance #Enlightened #Niantic

Agents involved:



Field Agents

+Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Anne Beuttenmüller +Niantic Project +NIA Ops 
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Cute. Wish the ie can do some purdy ingress art like this 
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Looks like I may have to try this method for the Absolute Best Scrambled Eggs. Though I do prefer a drier scramble rather then runny, I am open to change.
These scrambled eggs are super soft and just a little runny, aka exactly how they should be.
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Amazing technology that can replace the wind turbines and not interfere with the feather friends.
Instead of capturing energy through the circular motion of a propellor, Vortex turbines take advantage of a physical phenomenon known as vorticity -- an aerodynamic effect that creates a pattern of spinning vortices or whirlwinds.
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Have him in circles
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+Julian Taylor​​, +miyuki Jean-Pierre​, +James Lum​​​, +John C​​, +Jenna Flaig​​, +Chris Flaig​​
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Beautiful subway performance. (At time of posting, there are 84 people in the world that I never want to meet who thumbed the video down.)
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Amazing performance, beautifully done 5 stars.
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As George said, moving on up! I've reached level 14 as an #Ingress agent.
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Well done o-wizard-o-wise one!
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This recipe will also be in my future. I wish my mom +Ginger Eckeard  could try these. Will have to share the love with others in the family. 
Your eggs are about to get a major upgrade.
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They look really good. I'm ready to try them. 
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It's very satisfying to have placed in the top 3 globally once again. +Lynn Creager+Sarah Grace+Pete VR+Erich Finkle+Carlos Rodriguez+Gabe Tetrault+Court love3n1 Ster+Richard Dominguez+Danny Garcia
Congratulations to all #IngressFS Agents around the globe, with a special shoutout to Hamamatsu, JP Agents who helped new recruits gain a combined 87 Access Levels. Gomel, BY gained L46; Temecula, CA, US gained L39.

Thousands of Agents participated in the #IngressFit challenge for Distance Walked. Milan, IT Agents trekked their way to 700 km, and Hamamatsu, JP followed closely at 616 km. Your +cheero USA Power Cubes are en route. Excellent work.

Register your July 4 #IngressFS events at, or join an event near you from our Events page at

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Thank you for your time guys. I enjoyed the event.
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Have him in circles
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Automotive, Motorcycles, Teaching, Technology of any kind, and wedding ceremonies. (ha who knew)
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The Starbucks family has always been great here. Typical Starbucks. Pro's: Lot's of space to meet and work with a large outside patio with tables, chairs, benches, and a good amount of parking. Con's: No plugs for running or charging your devices. 3 times I have had crossed the path of older pretentious Claremont Residences who have been exceptionally rude as they speak and interact with staff and myself.
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Hotel is clean and well kept though my room for the weekend did have a cycling toilet. I prefer Motel 6 for the ease of making a reservation, checking in, and checking out. The location makes it easy to get to the surrounding areas. The biggest reason for me that for booking Motel 6 is that it's dog friendly. I recommend staying at this location.
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Just left this location after waiting in line for 15 minutes behind 4 other cars in the drive through to place an order for half a dozen ice cream products only to be informed once I get to the speaker to order that the machine is broken. There is no warning or simple sign to inform customers that the option on the menu is not available. It wastes customer time and natural resources which are already in question in a drive through. After deciding to go inside and speak with someone I had the pleasure to meet Manual "no last name because it's not needed" General Manager. Half heartedly and while still working at the front counter, his ears were deaf to creating a solution for customers to be notified but was happy to inform me that the machine isn't broke but rather going through a maintenance cycle. After requesting the number of the regional manager he came back 5 minutes later with the 800 number to McDonald's Corporate written on a stickie note. He also did not have a business card as a General Manager. His attitude let me know that he felt his time was being wasted and didn't care about wasting customers time. He offered no apology, no reception to a solution and no service. In an effort to be green, speed service, not discourage potential customers who see the line filled with customers cars who can't be serviced due to a known condition inside, why doesn't McD divert some of the advertising money on signs to inform customers of such conditions and outages of service.
• • •
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Prices on website are out of date as off Oct '14. Add a dollar or two to all of it.
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Closed Down.
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Being that its not a corporate store they can't do much for service. Any service must go through a corporate store or switch board. They are not familiar with Verizon products or the past or current hardware. Go to a corporate store.
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I know that this place is favored by many locals but I stopped going there years ago due to their forgetfulness to perform the services requested and their rudeness on the phone as well as the front office. They're service is also on the expensive side of veterinarians. Today I parked in their designated parking at 5:34pm and verified the hours of business posted on their window to be 5:30pm. I return to my vehicle shortly after 6:00pm to a threatening notice that my vehicle will be towed if I park there before 6. I understand that parking is difficult in that area but their enforcement is over reaching. Please respect their decision to be rude to their clients and public and refrain from going to their practise and parking there.
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