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A new guest post by +Thomas Smale on my site:

How to Build an Online Business you can Sell

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New article on +Hit Reach from +Tommie Gleave 

6 Ways to Build Links by Helping Others

Featuring +Bill Sebald +Brian Dean +Jon Cooper +Giuseppe Pastore 

The Anatomy of a Perfect Web Page 2014 Edition

A big update to our Anatomy of a Perfect Web Page guide that gives advice on web page best practises from SEO to Content and design.

With new articles from +Mark Traphagen +Joel Klettke +Brian Dean +Courtney Seiter +Aaron Bradley and lots more

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A guest post by me on #DDoS & the impact it has on sales, branding & SEO

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Why Should You Buy An Online rather than an Offline Business?

An often cited benefit of the online business model are the potential cost savings. There are typically much lower start-up costs to creating and running a website.

Without physical assets there is no large capital outlay and instead the focus is on creating relevant content and outreach.

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How to Classify 7000 Links in Minutes

If you ever have to carry out link audits for Google penalty work or have to reverse engineer a competitor link profile I just wrote about a tool I use to help speed up the process considerably.

It also can be used to quickly check if links from your Google Webmaster Tools account are nofollow, what the anchor text is, is it a sitewide etc.

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Think you can solve the SEO version of 2048?

I am totally addicted to 2048 so decided to make a version for the SEO community.

Play on your phone or in your browser :)

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Panda Analysis - Case Study

Over on the +Hit Reach blog we took a look at a traffic drop we noticed for is a portal for the local tourism industry & a focus of the city's massive regeneration plans.

Around May 2013 there was a significant drop in traffic according to +SEMrush data - so we decided to stick our beaks in

We looked at the links, content & technical issues.


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I wrote a post for +Volusion customers on dealing with Unnatural Link Penalties

If you have seen a traffic drop but their are no messages in Google Webmaster tools then you can always try this free tool

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Why I will continue to offer my clients a link removal service

When I was younger I had a mechanic which my dad recommended me to go to. He was a lovely old chap with an old workshop hidden away in the back streets of Leeds.

Whenever I took my car in for a diagnosis he would often tell me that there was nothing to worry about and I should be able to get a few more miles out of the clutch that was making me feel nervous and not replace the part. 

He took pride in the fact that he had just saved me an expensive trip to his garage. 

He didn’t see how unfair it was that he placed his own level of risk on me. I had come to him with a problem and all he did was save me money and increase my worry – when I had come to him for the opposite.

How many SEO’s are doing this to their clients?

A lot of people have spoken out recently against the need for removing links and the fact that they can get a penalty removed without this task.

But as consultants we should not be forcing our own risk profiles on to our clients.

Our clients have come to us as they are worried they’ve lost a large amount of organic visibility due to a manual action for unnatural links. They are most likely losing a lot of money too. 

Their immediate want is they are looking for someone to make the penalty go away but they also want to know that this event will never happen to them again. 

Of course in the fast changing environment of SEO we can never give a cast iron guarantee, after all how many times do we answer a question “… that depends…”, but we can allay our clients worries and fears.

So when you’re dealing with your clients remember this 

What risks do your client want to take on themselves and which do they want you to make go away?
New on SEOno - Last night, +Barrie Moran, +Chris Dyson and +Tim Grice of +Branded3 got into a massive debate on Twitter (and then Google+) on whether or not you should remove links as part of the disavow/reconsideration process to remove a manual action. I've collated the responses in a blog post...
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