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Internet Marketing for Lawyers
Internet Marketing for Lawyers

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The Attorney’s Guide to Onsite SEO by +Attorney Rankings

Onsite SEO refers to optimization of the elements on a website that allow search engines to crawl, analyze, index and return relevant results for users. These optimization tasks are performed on the website itself as opposed to tasks performed elsewhere on the internet to influence a site’s ranking.

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This is the last few days to get a 50% discounted profile for your law firm. Optimization specials also available.

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Penguin is now running in real-time as a part of Google’s core algorithm. The update goes into effect today (9/23/16) in all languages.

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Onsite SEO for Lawyers: Meta Descriptions Best Practices for Attorneys - +Attorney Rankings 

Meta descriptions are brief snippets of text that describe what a web page is about. They are not seen on the page but they are seen by software programs like search bots and crawlers. Meta descriptions are used to give users more information about a page in a summarized form before they click on a link.

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Onsite SEO for Lawyers: User Experience for SEO - by +Attorney Rankings 

Usability is a very nebulous concept with a lot of moving parts and is very important for SEO.

Mentions - +Moz +Google +selfstartr +Inspire2Rise +SEMrush 

#uxdesign   #design   #seo   #onsiteseo   #onpageseo   #seoforlawyers   #userexperience  

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: Law Firm Bounce Rates & Avg. Time On Site Numbers - blog @ +Attorney Rankings 

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that viewed only one page on a website and then left the site entirely.

#onpageseo   #onsiteseo   #bouncerates   #seo   #seoforlawyers  

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SEO update: changes in 301 redirection rules for lawyers - blog at +Avvo 

Without proper redirects, pages with established authority and backlinks lose a tremendous amount of established link equity and authority. This leads to poor SEO and a unsatisfactory experience for the user.

Mentions - +John Mueller

#301redirects   #seo   #seoforlawyers  

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: 301 Redirects for Law Firm Websites - blog by +Attorney Rankings 

The 301 indicates that the resources at this location have been moved permanently. 301 redirects are the only type that allow PageRank to flow from one page to another. PageRank is also diminished from a redirect just like it is in a link from one page to another.

#onpageseo   #onsiteseo   #seo   #seoforlawyers   #301redirects  

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On-Site SEO for Lawyers: Title Tag Best Practices for Attorneys - blog at +Attorney Rankings 

Title tags can be a deceivingly simple and inconsequential part of onsite SEO but they are very important. They are often the first thing a user sees in a search engine results page. The following best practices ensure that pages are relevant to the a target keyword phrase, have good click through rates in SERPs, and are relevant to users.

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