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Chris Dean (pixiecd)
Just a middle aged mom who refuses to grow up.
Just a middle aged mom who refuses to grow up.

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hiding in the darkness
Today is May 31, the last day of Mental Health Awareness Month… I live with mental illness every day. I’ve even managed to pass it on to one of my kids, so awareness is a 365 day a year thing around here. Normally, we find ways to laugh and live around it. ...

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Young Lions: A Halloween Story
 Happy Halloween, guys! Long time, no talk.  To make it up to you, how’s about a bit of a spooky tale to get you in the mood for the night to come? Young Lions 1  Faces wove in and out of the darkness, appearing and disappearing, their eyes reflecting the f...

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We failed.
 I don’t want to know his name. I don’t want to know a goddamned thing about him. I believe we should take an Ancient Egyptian approach to these soulless people and erase their names and likenesses from the records.  Instead of giving them what they want, t...

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There is beauty and magic to be found in the broken
WARNING: The following content totally ignores the rules of writing. If you are a Grammar or Punctuation Perfectionist, it will probably drive you to drink. You have been warned.  Around here, when something stops working, it ends up torn down to its puzzle...

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The Wild Woman Unleashed
 It’s been said that there lives deep within the wilds of Indiana , a Wild Woman . In the dark hours of the morning, she prowls the doorway of her cave, waiting for stray raccoons or possums to wander past so she can yell, “Hey, you crazy critters, get off ...

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The current issue of +Art Saves Lives International​ Magazine is all about how different artists use different forms of art to deal with mental illness. I could not be any prouder to be a part of something than I am to be a part of this! 
Check out our latest article from the ASLI Magazine issue 2 "mental illness, health and recovery" 

Artist and writer Chris dean speaks to ASLI about her mental illness, creativity and recovery and says “Art can give a voice to the things we can’t find the words to say. Those feelings that are so big, they feel like they might tear us to pieces from the inside out”. 

#artsaveslives #BPD #artsaveslivesinternational #mentalhealth #art 

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Music, a life sandwich and bipolar mania. With cheese.
 Most people believe your life is defined by the really big things that happen, but the truth is the big things are just the punctuation marks. The good stuff is what falls in between that mostly passes for everyday background noise. It’s those little thing...

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I don't wanna see your boobs.
 I’ve been trying to stay off the internet. Not because of any kind of detox, but more a self-imposed cool down period. Because, over the last month, I’ve felt the primal scream to stop the insanity building like an overinflated balloon just below my breast...

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Rude awakenings and I may be a plague on the State Tourism Trade
 Babyface, my beloved Rheumy, moved out of the country this month. Which got me to thinking - my first Rheumy and every last person I’ve ever dated have all left the state after our break-ups. I can’t help but start to wonder, is it’s me?  The brand of pain...

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Because I believe...
 There are things we do in the dark of night that we admit to no one. We do our best to hide them from friends and relatives, make excuses for the emails we delete without opening as we rush to flush the cache on the computer and cover our tracks. I have on...
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