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This is brilliant - Jennifer (who is drunk, on tequila) attempts to navigate Windows 8 for the first time. Beware, some naughty language as she faces silver potatoes and the horror of a white screen.

I want to see this done for all platforms, desktop and mobile. 

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Great post +Chris Davies - this is probably the daily face-palm many IT professionals go through watching users stumble through one OS or the next.
Roger M
Awesome post!  I'm sure others have had a similar experience without the alcohol on Windows 8.
That reminds me, I must remember to take my "Don't Make me Think" book (by Steve Krug") home as I need to lend it out.
p.s. This is the way all UAT should be done.
+1 if you wiped your screen after she spit on hers at 3:24.  :)
This is a much better way to review hardware as well as software. 
She dosent look "drunk" it's more like intoxicated
Just like when we migrated to G+ going through the support page is quite helpful in Win8.
Even people under the influence know Internet Explorer sucks.
Haha, I enjoy watching people get confused with Windows 8! :D
Drunk people don't use vocabulary like recalcitrant. They especially don't say it with proper pronunciation.
+Dave Cooke You've obviously never been drunk with me. I get ridiculously wordy after a couple.
Brilliant video. I gotta try this once...hic!
Can I just write the f'ing email... hehehe.
windows 8 really needed to be fucking amazing and totally bug free, as it is they have just handed the kingdom to they're competitors..
I dig it, everything is in corners and edges, that's all you have to know. Also just use the desktop if you don't like the start menu, problem solved. You can even install apps to change it all back to whatever "back in my day" version you want. Honestly, the new start menu is such a non-issue.....
This women is fucking retarded.
Who wants to browse the web with Internet Explorer? That's like s#&% my #$$
I can relate to this after my many attempts to do anything on G+, sober.
Well, the only thing Windows 8 managed to make me do is to install some linux distro with KDE. Gnome 3 and Unity are a great way to make linux users shoot themselves use Windows instead.
That was hilarious. I suggest this be made into a genre all its own: drunken tech reviews, unboxing, hands-on overview, etc. The f***ing honesty is refreshing. :)
Adam A
Wait. You mean Windows 8 isn't any good? I could tell just by watching their commercials and demos!

Every other version of Windows inevitably winds up being a piece of crap.
What a twit. She is the person who the help desk would tell to take her computer back to Walmart because she is too stupid to own a computer. 
Windows 8 sucks. It is worst than windows 7!!!
Kam Siu
she needs to be more drunk.......lots more
I want to see this done (and her doing it) for EVERY OS out there!  This is how 99% of tech support calls will go, good to get a heads up.
And how does MS's usability testing not catch this chaos?
whenever i see a post along the lines of those posted by +Rhitik Verma  and +Matthew Curry i am always interested to find out just why they think that. simply stating that something is "shit" is a bit vague. why is it shit? the statement in itself is meaningless and tends to give the impression that the poster has no actual opinion other than the fact that he or she doesn't like something. 

I can't comment on the Apple OS or any of the myriad UNIX variations there are out there as I have used Windows since version 3.1, Before that it was MS-DOS and WordPerfect 5 (the greatest word processor ever developed i might add).

I have only had a brief go on Windows 8 and find it quite easy to use. I don't see what the problem is?
+Rhitik Verma Actually, Win8 is better than Win7 in terms of performance. My OS of choice for playing GW2 on. Interface is shit, though, and apps won't automatically launch in admin mode like they do in Win7. Downsides: CP> Network>Change adapter settings hangs when launched. I blame it on my tinkering with registry (I like Win7 and W8 sharing certain directories), so I'm unable to set up network card for our dorm network, having to boot Win7 instead. But as I said, linux + KDE > Win8.
Stu S
"suck my ass" brilliant :)
it is really easy to use if someone just tells you the basics. 
This is a very unfair video, because sometimes a drunk person doesn't even remember their name.
ROTFL!  This is the best review ever!
"It becomes this sort of this recalcitrant labyrinth of where am I... and who am I? You know what I mean?" xD
The operating system she was using was not windows 8. It was just tequila. And that was the wrong testing environment for tequila. 
children and drunks always speak the truth...

My give 5 year old daughter knows her way around w7,iOS and Android without I ever taught her. When confronted with w8 she was completely lost.....

Normally UI are either simple for first time users (like iOS) or flexible for power users (W7/Android) but "modern UI" fails on both.
Priceless! I have never seen such a good, honest, down to earth review!
The first thing that we so was crashing down on the email app:) 
so true, microsoft still think they can force the users on what to use and how to use
Matt L
what is an idea apps that use the whole screen. Welcome to dos 2012
Windows 8 on a desktop is so painful. It keeps reminding me of the saying "Stuck between a rock and a hard place"
why is it always dumb people doing these "windows 8 impressions" videos. f* hell
:D .. so the conclusion is that win8 is only for sober , so into tech people !! .. that's kinda 35% of the users .. what about the rest ? ..
I've been using Win8 for quite a while and I'm trying to like it, but I'm really having a hard time liking it. I've seen plenty of these videos watching people trying to figure it out. Did they do ANY user studies when they designed this? Frustrating. 
Microsoft did not do a wrong move with the new interface. They needed to change or they would of been surpassed by Linux or Mac. That might still happen, they needed to do something drastic and they did.
Yea, people are searching for stuff but you know what? People that are first time users of iOS device have the same questions.
Windows 8 is my favorite Windows yet, and this comes from a long time user of Linux. I'm even using it as a default OS at home.
Just cause it's different does not mean it does not deserve a chance.
no they decided the pannel thing worked when waving your hands around for kinnect on the xbox the bashing at them with your finger works on windows phone, your precise mouse we are all very very good with, clearly is a bad idea, but this is microsofts legacy 1 good 1 bad of all major windows releases. this is the bad one. if you want something faster and more like old windows I recomend ubuntu. its so easy and fast to instal plus you can just test it first without an instal.
its free and fast and your not forced to use it......
I wasn't drunk and I felt that way when I used the Windows 8 OS on desktop and tablet. Of course I got used to it, but man let me choose my GUI please. XFCE for Windows! Who's with me?... Anyone?....
+Pascal Garneau Microsoft had to make a change to break into mobile, but not this change.  Most people will come away with an equal 'wtf?!' after using Win8.  They could make it work on tablets, but for PCs?  It's just going to flop harder than ME and Vista combined.  Nobody wants a full screen single app only desktop on a 24" monitor, they don't want to lean and stretch across their desks to smear finger grease over a non-existent 24" multitouch monitor.  Desktop should have stayed desktop, not force feed everyone metro everywhere even for situations where it doesn't make a lick of sense.
It looks great. BUT only if you have a laptop with a touchscreen thats fine and it works really well, then you use a freinds regular laptop or pc without a touchscreen, you then have to go back to using the mouse which feels clumsy on the metro ui. There HAS to be a choice to use the METRO UI or not. The windows desktop is what people know, people like to customize there computers. If they don't have a choice you just end up in the same position as APPLE! a screen with icons
Does anyone not see the desktop and tablet experience on one piece of hardware? Anyways add a start menu and move on with your life...or use iOs.
+Ramses H. Trejos What start menu?  Microsoft disabled it.  Oh you mean actually go pay for and install a 3rd party application just to get back a core OS feature which should already be there?

And if I wanted more choice and a desktop, why in the name of God would I want to use iOS?
You don't need to pay, clasicshell add the star button, has a billion customizations, and removes metro and the awfull screen shortcuts completely as you want.
+Mike Perdew Linux has more interfaces than I have fingers and toes, and I have a full set.  So, no, I don't have to get used to it at all.
+Mike Perdew Never the less, you always have a choice, where you stated there was none to be had but to put up and shut up.
Microsoft really is going a  strange direction with this UI. I my self use Ubuntu.
+Aidan Taniane Microsoft tried to offer two types of OS and it just does not work. They had no choice, stay behind and slowly die or try something new and maybe die.
Nortel, Rim, and plenty of other companies let themselves die by not risking something new.
Bitch bitch bitch bitch.........Fuck, you people are so tiresome. Don't like it? Don't fucking use it. Do what +Linus Torvalds did and write your own O/S and make it everything you'd ever want it to be and fuck off. It's really too bad that most of you mindless automatons only have enough smarts to just barely blunder through your self important and ignorant lives to know how or  where to even begin. How about for once giving credit where credit is due. Like to all the people who put there lifeblood into producing ANY product for you ungrateful whiny assholes. 

Oh and by the way, before you fuckers all go white-knight-on-a-crusade against me for defending Microsoft or Windows 8, I feel it is important for you to know that I am Linux user. I could really give two shits about either Microsoft or Windows 8.

If you fucks would take your narrow minds out of your asses for just a few moments and try something new without prejudice, you might be surprised. I was. I still am for that matter. Windows 8 isn't really all that bad. In fact i'm beginning to like it more than any other Microsoft product to date.
If we always stick with things that we are comfortable with, we wouldn't be where we are today. Every change takes some getting used to. Get over it people
"It is a really weird interface, it is just blank"
"nothing happens"

"Feels like I'm trapped",
"I feel like I am being punished",
"who wants to browse the web with internet explorer, that like suck my a*s",
"it forced me".

These are comments that an interaction designer should never here. Four words for Microsoft - I told you so. 

I interviewed about three years ago. I asked them how do they conduct their prototype reviews, their answer was they don't, rather they have a dedicated team in Redmond that does that and they type a report and then send it back to the team. My next (Dr. Phil) question was, so how is that working for you? 

My predictions, 8 is going to flop bigger than Microsoft ME on PC's.
Hey, +Christian Baptiste I have four words for you: Read My Previous Comment. 

Take it to heart. It was meant for people just like you..... Cheers mate :)
Oh so now no one is allowed to complain about UI's... good to know...
All you faggots do is complain. Shit gets old. Grow the fuck up already. 
All I do is complain? Wow thanks for first using a awful term like that, and second assuming that you know all about me and can generalize. I think you need to take your own advice and grow up. Complaints is how a company gets better at what they do, if no one was to complain we would not have the good things that developers have delivered. I would suggest that you not be so sensitive.
This is a trend that seems to have replicated itself across a multitude of apps, online and desktop software, they just assume that you know how to use the interface. They believe that it will just make sense to everyone, news flash it doesn't.
+Doodoo Brown Do you want some aloe vera for that butthurt?  Companies need to hear criticism if they're going to survive in the market.  It makes no sense at all for irritated customers to put up and shut up as you'd wish.
I couldn't navigate this crap sober.  Such a headache 
That was a waste. Back to pen and paper? 
+Pascal Garneau Actually Microsoft tried this make-windows-be-all-things-to-all-people approach before, and it utterly flopped.  Remember Windows XP Tablet PC Edition?  Nobody bought it because it did neither tasks competently.  Deja-vu?  Microsoft's problems with penetrating the tablet market is because they didn't have a tablet product, and nobody is buying their phones because the OS is crap.

Furthermore, Microsoft makes all it's real money on enterprise folk, who they've decided to throw under the bus by treating the desktop as a second class citizen.  And enterprise folk aren't going to entertain Microsoft on this for a split second.  They've actually risked hemorrhaging enterprise customers to railroad the desktop into mobile to penetrate a market which isn't interested in their goods in the first place.

It's moronic and irresponsible.
How sad that completely sober people have similar first-time Windows 8 experiences and are equally unimpressed.
I have a feeling M$ is working hard on some neural network and is leaving behind the OS development, this lets apple catch up in the markets and will benefit both companies... 
Also it's well know smart children may lie, they are testing the limits of what they can get away with... I can link a vid if you like..
Windows 8 is what would've happened to America if Romney were elected. Seems like the programmers just, "lost touch" with the everyday user. What a shame. 
She's drunk, but sober enough to realize internet explore is "suck my ass" XD bar tender I think we need another drink here! 
Honestly, Microsoft failed. On the desktop windows 8 is a nightmare to use. Realistically it's just windowdressing no pun intended. It's not intuitive. The tiles are just a gimmick other than that there's nothing there. 
Really, all software companies should test their software on drunk people to ensure ease of use. 
That should be the benchmark of all applications, is it useable while drunk. 
I would love to get a Surface tablet from Microsoft. 
Funny interesting a roller coaster...:)
They should move the Lab to Colorado and try it with some Weed.
LOL... Best quote from this video... "who wants to browse the internet using internet explorer?"
It isn't any easier to navigate when you're sober.
I tried windows 8 and I liked it. But not to upgrade from windows 7. I can't find enough reasons to upgrade. And if I am going to use a tablet (which I do) I sure as hell am not going to use a microsoft OS or device for that matter. I use the awesome Galaxy Note 2 :-) and a Galaxy tab 
Next up:
Windows 8 being tested on old people after a 3 year old demonstrates advanced skills
Chris this is hillaroius!!!
Ha ha... You will get use to it. I know you PC nerds have a hard time with design. I'm using it just fine. 
I doubt it's staged... however, it is edited.  Drunk people over-act all the time. +Manish Mahanti 
she doesn't meet my minimum standard for drunk.
LOL. Loved that. Anybody else get nauseous with those hideous colors? Bing? Internet Explorer? Oh HELL NO. I'm done with Windows and all things Microsoft. 
bets on how long till microsoft releases windows 8 classic edition....
It's not like there's a tutorial or anything.  Oh wait.
+James Bartlett There was no tutorial when I install it
I was crying when I installed and try to use it, I was so frustrated and lost... :-( 
Try using windows 8 as a domain user in a large company where they block the app store. Even remote desktop is an app. :(
someone should teach me on how to use it
I bought W8 than had to roll back to W7. It is unusable crap. That is a shame because the underlying OS is good. Its the UI that just does not cut it.
Guess you need no alcohol to feel (and say) just the same when using this OS
I think he was trying Windows 8 using the iphone 5 map app!... LOL!
yea it sucks should like update windows 7.if you got a tablet its cool.for that but desktop...or labtop not so good...just saying.
windows 8 is more reliabie than other  o.s.such as win 7 macintosh & andriod os.
Funniest fucking video I can recall in a long time. Somehow someone somewhere has to get this in front of bill gates and record his reaction. 
only I can say I like tequila so much. And I'm a proud mexican.
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