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Since I can't apparently add extra photos to my previous post...

Venison shanks now nestling up with red and yellow onion, along with unsmoked streaky bacon pieces, a rather nice Malbec, some home-made beef stock (super-gloopy!), peppercorns, juniper berries, cloves, cinnamon, and a bay leaf. 

It's currently in the oven. Now, to see if there's another glass-worth of wine in that bottle...

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The hard part is letting it simmer, slowly, for ages....hows the aroma? I am missing my kitchen - sitting here in a boring hotel in Saudi.
you can add pictures to previous post you just have to do it in picassaweb. and the post here won't look like it has extra posts from the stream, but if someone clicks on the picture they would see 4 instead of one picture. kind of kludgy I know. by the way looks yummy.
Make sure you've cooked enough; that looks awesome and I'll be over in a bit!  No, I don't know where you live +Chris Davies - but I'm sure I can follow the cooking smells...
+Mark Dearlove I dunno, Saudi sounds a lot more pleasant than cold London today!
+michael interbartolo Hmm, I suppose that's a solution, but it's definitely not a user-friendly one! Nice work, Google!
+Paul Moody Always nice to have some leftovers ;)
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