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I was ridiculed in public for holding an original Galaxy Note to my ear when that first came out. This 8-inch version may well destroy what remains of my tenuous street-cred.

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My sympathies ... :-P

ETA: Why not use a Bluetooth handsfree, Chris? For a phone that big... I certainly wouldn't want to be caught holding that against my ear...
I suspect they did design it with a Bluetooth earpiece in mind. I've had my Note since last April, and wear my Jawbone often. And, I've always had really positive reactions from people when they see my phone and my using the stylus. It usually ends in gear envy.
+Ron Pemberton yeah, I experienced that gear envy... during a meeting between my company and a vendor, one of the vendor's engineers whipped out a Notes 2, then during some 'diagram-intensive' session, he simply pulled out his stylus and redraw the diagram on his phablet... in fact, my IT Director was so impressed, two days later he showed up in office toting a Notes 2 himself >.<
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