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I've tried a few robot vacuum cleaners, and while they can be useful, they inevitably have a big flaw: at some point, you're going to come back home and find that it's got itself caught up in wires, or shoelaces, or something.

Sharp's new Cocorobo model has an app that allows you to remotely monitor it; you obviously can't use it to extract a blockage from the brush, but you can give it more precise directions around your home via a neat little digital map. 

I'd like to try one, but $900 and Japan-only are pretty big barriers to entry!

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What are you using right now...I am still unable to make a decision between roomba and Samsung? What model did you like best?
i have got a roomba.. and in every single testreport i have seen up to now, roomba rules.... 
+Carole Rigonalli I had best results with the Neato models, but I've found all of them have a voracious appetite for trailing shoelaces.
My problem is there vacuuming power...baking flower on the kitchen floor both of them can't handle....Samsung and roomba...never have heard of Neato...will google it right away
+Chris Davies I like the fact that it actually vacumes...have you ever done like a crosstest between some models? My roomba is fine but I allways wonder if technically not more should be available...more power less noise and smarter cleaning...samung didn't convince me with it's official smart mode... But I just want more ;-) faster quieter stronger....giggle 
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